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CNN  — 

The gun-violence prevention organizations March For Our Lives, Brady and Team Enough launched a joint campaign on Wednesday focused on voting rights in an effort to highlight the link between gun violence prevention and democracy.

The groups are releasing a report, “Accessing Democracy: A Gun Violence Issue,” that focuses on four categories: voting by mail and absentee voting, voter registration, early voting, and restoration of voting rights. According to the organizers, the groups are also releasing tool kits aimed at addressing voter access in 10 states the organizers say they believe can enact change: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wisconsin.

“It’s not just going out and raising your voice, which is so critically important for change, but also voting for change and making sure that happens,” Brady President Kris Brown told CNN.

The report and the tool kits will be distributed to hundreds of March For Our Lives, Brady and Team Enough chapters, as well as the groups’ network of other gun-violence prevention organizations.