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If the past few months have taught us anything, it’s to appreciate both wide open spaces and the companions who keep us going with their wet-nose kisses and love. So now that summer’s finally here, it’s time to celebrate both — with the right preparation, of course.

The first step you should take — well, maybe the third or fourth, after keeping yourself and your human family safe, of course — is to ensure your beloved pets are well-equipped for the adventures that lie ahead. And right now, Petsmart is making it easier than ever to stock up with its July Fourth Sale. You can save 15% when you buy online and pick up in store or curbside. Snag discounts on food, accessories and even the Arcadia Trail line of outdoor pet gear, which is made to ensure that your furry friends stay safe while having fun outdoors.

To counter the blazing sun and humidity of the … er … dog days, Arcadia Trail gear is specifically designed to keep our favorite animals cool, dry and happy. And the line has looked into keeping everything lightweight enough to be practical for your already overpacked family trips.

Arcadia Trail Dog Lifejacket

It’s easy to find gear that’s ready for any summer adventure in the Arcadia Trail line, but the Arcadia Trail Dog Lifejacket is among our favorites. If you’re a fan of water sports, you know that safety is paramount — even for animals that have a basic swimming style named after them.

So when you head to your favorite pond, lake, river or beach, you’ll want to make sure your best buddy will be safe by your side. The lifejacket’s carefully engineered buoyancy and chin rest keep your dog’s head above water, and it allows enough mobility for a fun swim whether you have a natural sea dog or a landlubber. It has that all-important rescue handle for an easy lift in case of an emergency, plus it comes in fluorescent colors with a reflective trim so boaters can spot you quickly, whether it’s day or night. Available in a range of sizes, the jacket is made of tough, water-repellent material.

Arcadia Trail Lightweight Harness

For fun on the land, the Arcadia Trail Lightweight Harness keeps your dog near while relieving the strain on both you and your furry friend. It’s adjustable for maximum comfort for both of you so that you can get the most out of your long-distance treks.

Its handle is easy to grab if you have to pull your dog away from something dangerous, and reflective piping helps motorists — and you — quickly spot your pet wherever they are. If your bud loses his way and gets lost, rescuers can find your name and phone number on the included name tag. Of course, you can avoid that situation by simply clipping your leash to the strong, aluminum D-rings built into the harness.

Arcadia Trail Collapsible Double Diner Travel Bowls

After all that fun in the water and woods, you and your puppy will probably be pooped — and starving. Time to pop out the Arcadia Trail Collapsible Double Diner Travel Bowls, which will keep your dog well-fed and hydrated, whether you’re on the trail or at camp.

Having two bowls means you don’t have to clean one between meals — but even if you do, it’s super easy to wipe down. And the lightweight silicone and carabiner loop means you don’t have to make your pooch wait to chow down; just bring the bowls along and stop for a meal break on your hike.

Summer’s officially here, and the most enjoyable days of the year are just around the corner. The Arcadia Trail line, available at PetSmart, helps your dog join in on the fun. And remember, you can get this line and more for 15% off when you buy online and pick up in store or curbside through July 6. So act fast to take full advantage of this sale and take on the summer side by side with your best pal.