2 men arrested in Oregon are accused of killing 7 people in Alabama

Investigators in Morgan County, Alabama, say John Michael Legg (left) and Frederic Allen Rogers were part of a club called Seven Deadly Sins.

(CNN)Two men accused of killing seven people in Alabama are in custody in Oregon and face capital murder charges, police say.

John Michael Legg, 19, and Frederic Allen Rogers, 22, were part of a club called Seven Deadly Sins -- and killed the victims earlier this month near Huntsville following a dispute within that club, investigators in Alabama said.
They are awaiting extradition hearings, police said. Whether they have attorneys was not immediately clear.
      The pair were captured Sunday "without incident" during a traffic stop, the Marion County, Oregon, Sheriff's Office said in a news release. Alabama sheriff's officials, in cooperation with the FBI, had followed the two suspects for several days and knew the two had relatives in Oregon, that agency said.
        The two have no prior criminal records, Sheriff Ron Puckett of Morgan County, Alabama, said.
            The victims were found shot to death inside a home that had been set on fire, Puckett's office said. Three of them were believed to be members of the club.
            One of the victims was a child, the sheriff said.