Refugees and asylum seekers hang signs made from bin bags over the balconies at the hotel in Kangaroo Point, Brisbane.

Every room in this hotel is booked. But the guests are not allowed to leave

Updated 9:08 PM ET, Fri June 19, 2020

Brisbane, Australia (CNN)Every day, the men unfurl large pleas for help over the balcony railings of their hotel room and stand in silence as traffic roars along the main road of the Australian city they're trapped in.

Their signs are mostly made from bin bags stuck together with tape, and secured to the railing with shoelaces.
"Where is justice?" one reads.
These men are not hotel guests, but refugees and asylum seekers who have been in Australian immigration custody for seven years. Many arrived in Australian waters in 2013, after the government introduced offshore immigration processing. They were detained on the remote islands of Manus in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and on Nauru in the Pacific, in conditions once described by the United Nations as "