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Sony’s new PlayStation 5 has finally appeared. Near the end of its “Future of Gaming” presentation Thursday, Sony gave us our first look at the new console and its “most striking design yet.”

The PlayStation 5 does indeed look unlike any of the rest of the systems that PlayStation has created thus far. It will come in two different editions: one with a disc drive for physical media and one without.

Unfortunately, there was no price point shared for the system during the presentation, nor a specific release date for when we’ll be able to get our hands on it. And it doesn’t appear that preorders have gone live just yet, either. Rest assured, CNN Underscored will be the place to get preorder information, on both the consoles and games, once it’s out there.

PlayStation 5, both the disc drive and digital editions, will launch this fall. Each edition of the console will come with Sony’s new DualSense Controller. As for the PS5 itself, it will stand tall and vertical, like the Xbox Series X, but can also be positioned horizontally.

It’s a really striking design with some curves and sleek heat vents. It’s black and white all around, as is the DualSense Controller, which is giving us some stormtrooper vibes. Both consoles will feature both a USB-A and USB-C port on the front. We imagine there will be a full array of ports on the back, including power and HDMI. The DualSense Controller will charge with USB-C as well.

So what about the hardware inside the PS5? Well, it will include a powerful GPU and an eight-core AMD chipset for processing. Sony’s Mark Cerny notes that it will feature ray tracing, an advanced lighting technique currently only seen in powerful PC gaming machines.

As expected, it will support 8K gaming and offer load times that are nearly 20 times quicker than the PlayStation 4’s. That is seriously impressive and made possible thanks to the chipset and the addition of a zippy solid-state drive. This will speed up game installs and likely help consoles to accommodate larger file sizes — so be ready for even heftier games in the future. Some of the new games designed for the PS5 were unveiled at the presentation.

That new DualSense controller aims to make gaming more immersive with haptic feedback, adaptive triggers inside the L2 and R2 buttons, and sleek new design. Along with the black and white color scheme, it will feature a blue LED light that can change based on the game.

In addition to the standard and digital models of the PS5, Sony announced a number of new accessories. If you plan on having multiple controllers, the DualSense Charging Station will let you charge two controllers at the same time. PULSE 3D will be a wireless headset offering 3D audio support and dual microphones that will cancel out background noise. A media remote will give you better control of content playback. And an HD camera will let you stream your gameplay through dual 1080p lenses.

As mentioned, Sony has not announced pricing or a launch date for the PlayStation 5 yet. That will likely arrive in the coming weeks, but in the meantime you can still play to your heart’s content on the PlayStation 4. It’s also good to know that many PS4 titles will be supported on the PlayStation 5. The PlayStation 4 starts at $299.99 for the Slim and goes up to $399 for the Pro.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.