These are the ordinary things they were doing when they were killed by police

Updated 9:38 PM ET, Tue June 16, 2020

(CNN)Sleeping. Driving. Standing outside of an apartment building. These are some of the last things some black Americans were doing before they were approached by police for one reason or another. For all of them, the encounter ended in death.

Standing outside his apartment building
Amadou Diallo (1999)
Diallo, 22, was approached and shot by plainclothes police officers in New York City who claimed to have mistaken him for a rape suspect.
Standing behind the door in his home
Kenneth Chamberlain (2011)
Chamberlain, 68, was shot after police in White Plains, New York, broke down his door. Chamberlain wore a medical alert button for a heart condition, and it had accidentally gone off.
Seeking help after a car crash
Jonathan Ferrell (2013)
Ferrell, 24, was seeking assistance after crashing his car in Charlotte, North Carolina. He knocked on the door of a nearby house. The home owner called police. When they arrived, they said they saw Ferrell running toward them, and one of the officers shot him.
Standing outside of a store
Eric Garner (2014)
Garner, 43, was choked by a New York Police officer who was trying to arrest him on suspicion of selling individual cigarettes.
Playing with a fake gun
Tamir Rice (2014)
Tamir, 12, was playing with a pellet gun in a park in Cleveland, Ohio. Police who arrived on the scene shot the boy within two second of exiting their car.
Holding a BB gun for sale
John Crawford III (2014)
Crawford, 22, was at a Walmart holding a pellet gun he picked up off a store shelf. A 911 call reported a man walking around with a rifle and "waving it." Crawford was on his cell phone while holding the pellet gun as police responded and he was shot in seconds.
Philando Castile (2016)
Castile, 32, was pulled over for a busted tail light in Falcon Heights, Minnesota. As Castile tried to tell an officer he had a gun on his person -- a gun he had a permit to carry -- he was shot and killed.
Selling DVDs outside a gas station
Alton Sterling (2016)