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Sonos just rolled out the Arc soundbar, Five speaker and Sub Gen 3 subwoofer last month, but it’s also worked in a small hardware refresh to an older product. The brand’s first portable speaker, the Sonos Move, is getting a new color: Lunar White. It’s up for preorder now at $399 and is supposed to start shipping on June 30.

We were thoroughly impressed with the Sonos Move in our review, and it’s lived up to our initial impressions over the past few months. The Move puts out strong sound and bass that will truly fill a room. It can reach deep lows and pitchy highs thanks to its built-in woofer and tweeter. And unlike any other Sonos speaker, the Move is capable of running on either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. If the speaker finds itself out of Wi-Fi range, it will quickly switch to Bluetooth mode.

Now that it’s in both Shadow Black and Lunar White, this sleek, totally wireless speaker will fit in with most decor. And if you want to bring the tunes outside, go right ahead. The Sonos Move is IP56 rated, able to handle drops and resist dust and sand as well as shrugging off rain. Both color options are even UV-resistant, so the pretty colors won’t fade.

In other news, a relatively recent update actually improved the speaker’s battery life. It rolled out a few months ago, so there’s a good chance it’s already on your Move. Sonos is now confirming that it stretches the battery life from the original 10 hours to 11 hours.

We reached out to Sonos to learn a bit more about the update and how the company squeezed out an extra hour of battery. “The extra hour of battery life was part of a software release a few months ago — already available on existing Moves and for any future Move customers,” a Sonos representative told us. “It’s actually a result of our work on Arc. Our teams worked to drive as much efficiency as possible from Arc’s power in its idle state. We were able to apply the principle to Move to add an additional hour of battery life.”

We’ll be testing out this new and improved battery life soon enough. But in the meantime, Sonos’ big move to expand its ecosystem to include S2 has brought along both a new operating system and a new app (though the Move can run on either S1 or S2). This is a separate update from the one that improved the Move’s battery life. You can read up on the S2 update and how to migrate your system here. We’ve also tried out the Sonos Arc, Sonos’ latest and greatest soundbar.

The Lunar White Sonos Move is available for preorder now at $399, and will be starting to ship on June 30.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.