Swapping out your old mouse (or trackpad) for an ergonomic model can make a world of difference. Just look at the ever-increasing number of companies offering ergonomically correct mice to combat users’ hand and wrist strain.

That’s why we spent weeks testing the top ergonomic mice you can pair with an ergonomic keyboard to determine which is best for creating a truly comfortable work station. And after putting nine different models through their paces, we found a winner:

A quick look at the winner

The Logitech MX Master 3 ($99.99; logitech.com) is an unequivocally comfortable mouse. It’s shaped to perfection, with special attention to the fingers that do the clicking. Using it felt like our fingers were lounging — with a sculpted ergonomic groove for nearly every finger.

The comfortable build is also remarkably customizable. Namely, there are five extra buttons (in addition to the left and right mouse buttons) within thumb’s reach, all of which can be customized. For instance, you can set the front thumb button to pause and play music and the back button to mute your audio. There’s also a horizontal scroll wheel above the thumb buttons, a feature unique to the MX Master among the mice we tested. Overall, the MX Master 3 is an ergonomic and customizable marvel, justifying its somewhat lofty price tag.

A deeper dive into the winner

Best ergonomic mouse: Logitech MX Master 3

PHOTO: Benjamin Levin/CNN

The MX Master sculpt provides an extraordinary fit for the hand. From the back of the mouse begins an incline that peaks just below the base of your index and middle finger, so instead of hovering above the mouse, our primary clicking fingers relaxed on a solid structure. This provides a unique feeling of support lacking in the other mice we tested. From there, the mouse tapers off into a gentler slope toward the primary buttons and scroll wheel. There’s more than enough room for your clicking fingers, so even the largest hands should do just fine.

Your thumb gets special treatment, too. The left side of the MX Master smoothly dips into a flattened section upon which your entire thumb can rest. It’s made of soft rubber with gentle ribbing for comfort and traction. We would have liked to see similar attention given to the ring and pinky fingers. There is a steep slope on the right side of the mouse that provides some support, but not nearly as much as is given to the thumb. Regardless, our overall experience was one of unmatched clicking comfort.

Logitech made some really good decisions with the materials used on this mouse. The soft rubber on the thumb rest is a prime example, working its way up to the edges of the primary mouse buttons beneath your index and middle fingers adding both comfort and additional grip. Only a handful of other mice we tested employed rubber on any such surfaces, and only two did as generously. The metal scroll wheels (both vertical and horizontal) also feel solid and satisfying.

All that comfort does not come at the expense of functionality. MX Master 3 can be connected to three different devices simultaneously, and you can swap between them with a single button. There are two additional buttons as well as a horizontal scroll wheel above the thumb rest. Built right into the thumb rest is a gesture button, which, when held, will allow you to perform a variety of functions when you move the mouse at the same time. For example, holding this button and moving the mouse left or right allows you to swap between programs. The regular scroll wheel has a button built into it as well as a button just behind it. The latter, by default, swaps the scroll style between a smooth, fast scroll and slower line-by-line ratchet scrolling.

To take full advantage of all these extra buttons, you’ll need to download the Logitech Options application (available for Mac and PC). Within it, you’ll find a trove of options for modification. Every additional button (on top of the traditional left and right clickers), as well as the horizontal scroll wheel, can be reprogrammed. You can also make app-specific configurations. For example, we made the horizontal scroll wheel change the brush size in Photoshop and swap between sheets in Microsoft Excel. The gesture button comes with pre-built configurations, such as one for c