So whether you're dealing with a sporty dad, a nerdy dad, a foodie dad or a dad who shan't be confined to a label, there's sure to be something on this list of funny gifts for dad that'll bring a smile to his loveable mug.
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There’s a pretty good chance that no matter what situation he finds himself in these days, your dad is getting bored with whatever he already has at home. It’s time to show him there’s more to life than scrolling through headlines and rewatching his favorite sports games from past seasons. Pops — like all the important fathers in your life — deserves a great Father’s Day gift this year, and that annual necktie isn’t going to cut it, since he’s got nowhere to wear it.

Dad needs something fun. So whether you’re dealing with a sporty dad, a nerdy dad, a foodie dad or a dad who can’t be confined to a label, there’s sure to be something on this list of funny gifts that’ll bring a smile to his lovable mug.

And, if you’re especially crunched for time, we also have you covered with a list of last-minute gifts and a number of gifts from Amazon that should still get to them in time with Prime shipping.

Olympia Provisions Salami Bouquet (starting at $50;

Olympia Provisions Salami Bouquet

Flowers are great, but salami is better. Dad will be touched that you thought of him in such a special way, and Mom will probably request this gift for Mother’s Day next year.


Toilet Golf ($10.95, originally $19.99;

Toilet Golf

If potty humor amuses your beloved dad, he’ll be pleasantly surprised by your jokes and by this excuse to hang in the bathroom for a bit longer. Give him the gift of swing practice while he makes a hole in one.


Bonak Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone ($29.99;

Bonak Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

For the padre who knows every song from “Trolls World Tour” and isn’t afraid to show it, this insanely popular portable karaoke mic will give him the full power to rock. The microphone syncs with any karaoke app or music file, so he can belt out a range of classics and obscure “dad rock” wonders.


Maui Wurf Board ($139;

Maui Wurf Board

If Dad’s work-from-home setup could use an upgrade, why not give him a work-from-home surfboard? The Wurf Board promotes active standing, which, unlike static standing or sitting, gets the blood flowing. If he’s already working on standing more throughout the day, this little rocker can help keep him energized and prevent stiffness and poor posture.


Garden Genie Gloves ($9.58;

Garden Genie Gloves

Ideal for the dad with a green thumb but with too many scratches from shrubbery on his hands. These nifty, puncture-resistant gardening gloves will protect your pop’s hands when he’s pruning rose bushes and let him dig into the ground with his (almost) bare hands. That’s right, the four claws on each hand give him the ability to dig and plant without the use of tools.


The Awkward Family Photos Movie Line Caption Game ($20.99, originally $24.99;

The Awkward Family Photos Movie Line Caption Game

A Dad-approved riff on What Do You Meme, this game will offer hours of entertainment and fun for the whole fam. Dad will laugh at the hilarious family photos, and you’ll all love going down memory lane as you’re reminded of your favorite movie lines. Maybe you’ll even be inspired to watch one of those classics together when the game’s over.


Bear Paws Meat Shredders ($12.95; and

Bear Paws Meat Shredders

Let him return to his carnivorous roots and get a little grizzly by shredding whatever protein he’s prepared. These bear paws perfectly shred chicken, pork or beef and are way more efficient than a pair of forks. With these barbecue meat shredders, your dad will feel like the total tough guy that you’ve always known he is.


KettlePizza Deluxe USA Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit ($159.96, originally $219;

KettlePizza Deluxe USA Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit

If Dad is a pizza-head but is getting tired of ordering the local options, there’s nothing quite like homemade pizza. KettlePizza’s outdoor pizza oven elevates the whole dining-at-home experience and will give Dad another excuse to fire up the grill. He’ll spend hours perfecting the ideal pie, tinkering with ingredients until the crust is charred just right and one bite transports him to Italy. The kit includes a stainless steel frame that works with charcoal kettle grills, along with a cordierite pizza stone, aluminum pizza pan and stainless steel pizza peel.


Electric Fire Starter ($79.95;

Electric Fire Starter

There’s pride to be had in starting a fire from nothing, but starting a fire from a speedy, mess-free, eco-friendly fire rod also merits gloating rights. This funky tool uses superheated air to light any charcoal grill and, unlike traditional fluid-based lighters, it doesn’t release toxic chemicals or CO2 emissions. It’s also equipped with a discreet bottle opener.


Royal Portrait ($53.22;

Custom Royal Portrait

It’s the gift he never knew he was dreaming of: a Renaissance portrait starring himself! This artist allows you to pick any famous painting as the setting for your dad’s face, so if he’s got a penchant for pointillism, you can totally go with something by Seurat. Just FYI, this is for the digital file only. You will have to print it yourself however you’d like. We suggest visiting Shutterfly or Artifact Uprising for creative ideas of how to display his royal image.


SKLZ Golf Indoor Putting Green ($38.79;

SKLZ Golf Indoor Putting Green

He’ll swing any handy object as if it’s a golf club and is always dreaming of his next time on the green. This putting mat will let dad fine-tune his skills at home, and hopefully keep him from swiping any more random golf club-sized home goods. In fact, this green is included in our roundup of the best golf gear, according to experts, along with 20 other products worth a peek. Your pops will love this mat for its alignment lines and distance markers, which will let him practice at varying lengths. In your Father’s Day card, feel free to use this prescripted bad Dad joke: “We got this fore the best dad ever.”


’World’s Okayest Dad’$2 15oz Mug ($13.99;

World's Okayest Dad Black Inlay Large 15 oz Double-Sided Mug

Let the mug say it so you don’t have to.


GoSports Solid Wood Premium Cornhole Set ($119.99;

GoSports Solid Wood Premium Cornhole Set

Who doesn’t love a good game of cornhole? It’s sort of like an even more languid version of golf, while still managing to bring out everyone’s competitive side. This set comes with a carrying case so it can be neatly packed away rather than strewn around the garage when not in use. The plywood design is plain, so your family can decorate it together to Dad’s liking. Another element that’s not to be overlooked: This cornhole set is regulation size, something that Dad will for some reason definitely care about (for smaller spaces, consider the “tailgate size” version, which is about $30 cheaper).


Toilet Paper Holder Tablet Stand ($68.95;

Toilet Paper Holder Tablet Stand

Lots of dads we know consider the bathroom one of their favorite rooms in the house — they are finally left alone in there, after all. This handy toilet paper holder that’s also a tablet stand will make him want to stay in there even longer. Once his tablet is locked in place, he can stream shows, play games, read the paper — the possibilities are endless.


Arcade 1 Up Space Invaders Arcade Machine ($179.99;

Arcade 1 Up Space Invaders Arcade Machine

For the dad who would be happiest spending his days inside an arcade, this countertop Space Invaders game will make him feel understood. Help him release his inner child and revel in nostalgic goodness all at once with an arcade replica that’ll fit on just about any surface.


Ninebot Kickscooter by Segway ES1 Generation 2 ($439.99, originally $599.99;

Ninebot Kickscooter by Segway ES1 Generation 2

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s — your dad on a scooter! This makes for an especially thoughtful gift if he lives in a city and wants to avoid public transportation for the time being. Even if that’s not the case, he’ll have so much fun scooting up to 15.5 mph that he’ll find reasons to use it. This Segway model has a one-click folding system, making it easy to carry and stow away; the scooter also has a mobile app that tech dads will love playing around on and monitoring their routes and experience. It even has a built-in headlight for evening or early morning jaunts.


1,000-Piece Personalized Photo Jigsaw Puzzle ($47.99, originally $52;

1000-Piece Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle

If your pops is a puzzle whiz, it’s time to put him to the ultimate test: Can he master the puzzle that, when completed, will reveal a photo of his fondest family memory? You can get totally creative here (and if you want to up the ante, select the 2,000-piece option), printing a photo of his favorite vacation spot, cherished grandchildren or best buds for him to piece together. If you can’t settle on a single picture, the collage option may be just the thing.


Hey! Play! Bocce Ball Set ($40.54;

Hey! Play! Bocce Ball Set

Here’s another lawn game to make Dad glad that Father’s Day is in the summer. The whole family will have a ball playing bocce together after he thoroughly explains the rules of the game. These bocce balls are made with a high-quality poly-resin compound that’s designed to be crack- and damage-resistant, so this set should last a long time. It comes with a carrying case, and since the materials work on sand, grass and dirt, he can bring his bocce to the beach, the park or the backyard.


’The Grillfather’ Apron ($15.96;

"The Grillfather" Apron

It’s his day, so allow your dad make all the “Godfather” puns he wants in style. Let him make you an offer you can’t refuse as he flips burgers on the grill, and be patient as he assures you that relish is a dish best served cold.


’You Don’t Scare Me. I Have Two Daughters’ tee ($24.95;

'You Don't Scare Me I Have Two Daughters' tee

For the #GirlDad twice over who’s proud of it, he’ll laugh at this very apt wardrobe addition. Your loving papa will don this T-shirt with a huge smile, and ultimately wear it somewhere that’s inappropriate. And, if he has a different assortment of kids than two daughters, there’s most likely a version of this shirt for that too.

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