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Editors Note: As we note below, it’s still unknown whether or not UV Sanitizers and UV-C can kill Covid-19, and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) recently released an advisory confirming this. They also note that direct contact with UV-C or looking into the light can cause injury. The UV Sanitizers below feature lids with a locking mechanism or the light is only activated when the cover is confirmed to be closed. You can see the full advisory from the FDA here and further analysis from CNN Business here.

Casetify launched a UV Sanitizer for $120 in March. Now, it’s back with a more wallet friendly version of the same product.

Meet the $80 UV Sanitizer Lite, which features the same core UV-C sanitizing technology at a lower cost and a lighter weight.

Preorders for the UV Sanitizer Lite are open and it will ship in early July. In the meantime, we’ll break down everything you need to know about the lower cost update.

For starters, you get your pick of white, light pink or black. We like the color update, seeing as Casetify has always been a go-to for personalizing our tech accessories.

Inside are four mercury-free lamps to disinfect your tech. The biggest difference in technology between the UV Sanitizer and the UV Sanitizer Lite is four lights versus six, no Qi-enabled wireless charging and a longer cleaning cycle.

The lights are the same technology as the bigger brother. They’re UV-C LED lights, which are proven to kill bacteria. The UV Sanitizer Lite is an effective way to disinfect your tech, but note, it’s not proven to kill the Covid-19 virus. The sanitizing cycle will run for six minutes once you start, double that of the UV Sanitizer.


The UV Sanitizer Lite is designed with your phone in mind. We tested the original UV Sanitizer with several smartphones, earbuds and even car keys. It worked great, so it’s safe to say you’ll have a similar experience with the UV Sanitizer Lite.

Casetify recommends running the cycle once with the screen facing upward and a second cycle after flipping your screen down so that all areas of the phone are exposed to the UV-C light.

We’ll be going hands-on with UV Sanitizer Lite in the near future, but preorders are open at $80 from Casetify.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed prices at the time of publication.