4 ways families can ease anxiety together

(CNN)During these turbulent times, the stress on families is palpable. Parents and children alike are feeling understandably anxious about their futures.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, anxiety is one of the most prevalent mental health concerns in the United States. And because long-term exposure to stressful events contributes to the risk of developing an anxiety disorder, it's important to avoid letting anxiety persist unchecked, especially in children.
Thankfully, families can proactively leverage science-backed ways to ease anxiousness and restore a sense of connection and joyfulness at home. When family members spend time together, actively engaged in the anxiety-relieving activities mentioned below, they also strengthen their bonds, create opportunities for open dialogue, increase feelings of joy and generate a sense of consistency, all much-needed benefits during this time of heightened stress and uncertainty.
Here are four ways to get started.

    Start a daily gratitude practice

    A gratitude chalkboard allows everyone to see what each member of the family appreciates.
    Studies abound on the stress-busting, mood-boosting, and, even, sleep-improving benefits of practicing gratitude. Research shows that people who participate in activities that foster a sense of gratitude experience an immediate increase in feelings of happiness and decrease in negative emotions; however, without consistency, the positive effects dissipate over time.
    Families can cultivate a consistent attitude of gratitude by incorporating giving thanks into shared daily routines. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, like family members verbally expressing something they're grateful for during family meals or using some form of communal gratitude jar, whiteboard or journal.
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