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Apple employees returning to its Silicon Valley headquarters will reportedly have the option of getting tested for the coronavirus.

The company started bringing back some workers to its Apple Park office in Cupertino, California, last month, offering them nasal-swab tests for the virus and requiring temperature checks and masks, according to Bloomberg News. Other precautions include closed kitchens and a two-person limit in elevators that normally accommodate 10.

Apple (AAPL) did not respond to requests for comment.

The company closed its offices and retail outlets around the world because of the pandemic but has gradually been reopening them with additional safety measures. Operations resumed at more than 100 stores across the US last month, though many of them will only be open for curbside pickup of online orders. Stores allowing customers inside will require masks and temperature checks.

Big tech companies have taken differing approaches to bringing their workforce back to the office. Facebook (FB) said its employees may work from home through the end of 2020 if they so choose, with CEO Mark Zuckerberg estimating that as much as 50% of the company’s workforce could be permanently remote within the next decade. Twitter (TWTR) will allow employees to work from home “forever” if their roles allow it, the company said last month.

Google (GOOGL) said it would reopen some offices in July and aim to have them operating at 30% of capacity by September.