We've searched high and low for tech that he'll genuinely appreciate.
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Chances are, if you’re reading this, your Dad — or the dad-like guy in your life — has an interest in tech. So, whether it’s a new smartwatch or an easy way to listen to music throughout his home, we’ve found the stuff that he’ll genuinely appreciate. From top-rated headphones, to speakers, smartphones and even laptops, we realize that tech gifts can skew on the pricier side (perhaps your family may want to pool money and give one amazing gift, rather than a bunch of small ones) — but we’ve included a handful of budget-friendly gear too. Here are our favorite tech gifts for Father’s Day:

Bose Frames Alto ($199.95; bose.com)

Bose Frames Alto

If he likes to rock shades, why not give him a high-tech upgrade? Bose Frames are a solid pair of sunglasses that also feature speakers only the wearer can hear — even at top volume. It’s a personal audio experience like no other, and if he finds earbuds uncomfortable, this is an easy way to get music on the go.


Elago W3 Stand ($10.99; amazon.com)

Elago W3 Stand

Want a gift that makes him nostalgic for the early days of computers? Elago’s W3 stand for Apple Watch makes his smartwatch look like a miniature version of a classic Macintosh while it’s charging. At this price, though, it’s just the stand — he’ll need to supply his own Apple Watch Charger.


7th Gen iPad (starting at $319, originally $329; bhphotovideo.com)

7th Gen iPad

Whether he likes to watch movies, stream music, read, catch up on the news or even play games, an iPad just makes sense (and this one is regularly discounted). It delivers immense value with a 10.2-inch display, stereo speakers and an A10 Fusion processor. It also has front and back cameras for FaceTime calls.


Nintendo Switch Lite (starting at $299.99; gamestop.com)

Nintendo Switch Lite

There’s a game for everyone on Nintendo’s Switch platform, from Mario to classic NES games to Animal Crossing. And the Switch Lite gives them access to nearly every game in a pint-sized portable system that still packs a 5.5-inch display. Plus, it comes in fun colors like coral, yellow and aqua.


Eero Mesh Wi-Fi ($249; amazon.com)

Eero Mesh Wi-Fi

Eero’s three-pack will up his Wi-Fi game for years. These three mesh points will work in tandem to intelligently connect devices for the fastest experience. He can expect more bandwidth, faster speeds and a wider net of coverage.


Sonos One ($199; sonos.com and amazon.com)

Sonos One

Sonos has been a top name in multiroom audio for quite some time, but it also works with just one speaker. The Sonos One is a smart and room-filling speaker. It delivers an incredibly wide soundstage with strong bass. He can connect music from almost any source: Apple Music, Sirius XM, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, iHeart Radio and countless others. And the speakers come in either a matte white or black finish to coordinate with the room’s aesthetic or blend in with the surroundings.


Apple Watch Series 5 (starting at $384; amazon.com)

Apple Watch Series 5

A smartwatch is a twofold gift: It delivers an innovative way to stay in touch with family and to check the time, while also opening the door to new experiences. An Apple Watch Series 5 feels more like a real watch than earlier models, with an always-on display, but it can also be used for calls, sending messages, checking emails, viewing photos, taking an electrocardiogram, tracking steps and so much more.


Marshall Stockwell II Speaker ($199.99; marshallheadphones.com and amazon.com)

Marshall Stockwell II Speaker

Marshall’s Stockwell II is tiny, but it packs a punch as a Bluetooth speaker. You get a dedicated volume control, plus the ability to change the bass and treble. And it looks like a classic Marshall amp paired with a carrying strap.


AirPods Pro ($234.95, originally $249; bhphotovideo.com)

AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro can’t be beat. These true wireless earbuds deliver tremendous value with a comfortable design (even with long listening sessions) that’s spruced up with silicone tips, so they won’t fall out of their ears. He’ll get class-leading active noise cancellation, and the sound quality is next level with Adaptive EQ. In fact, these we recently rated these the best overall true wireless earbuds. For a more wallet-friendly option, 2nd Generation AirPods (Starting at $139, originally $159; amazon.com) pack wireless charging, “Hey Siri,” long battery life and great sound quality.


Amazon Echo 3rd Gen ($99.99; amazon.com)

Amazon Echo 3rd Gen

If he wants a smart speaker, the regular Echo provides the robust sound and the Alexa smarts we’ve come to know and love. At $99.99, it won’t break the bank, and it won’t sound as tinny as, say, an Echo Dot. It comes with full access to the Alexa ecosystem, so that means smart home control, streaming from hundreds of sources and general friendly banter.


Philips Hue Starter Kit ($149.98; amazon.com)

Philips Hue Starter Kit

If he wants to paint the walls with colored lights, a Philips Hue Starter Kit has what he needs. It includes three A19 bulbs, which fit into any standard socket and present tons of colors. He gets the bridge, which means full smart home connectivity, so he can control their Philips Hue bulbs with Apple’s HomeKit, Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Assistant. And he gets an Echo Dot, so he can ask Alexa to start the light show.


Sonos Arc ($799; sonos.com)

Sonos Arc

At $799, the Arc is certainly an investment, but we believe its incredible value is worth its price. Stay with us: This is one long soundbar at 44 inches, but it can take his entire home entertainment space to the next level with 11 speakers. And yes, that includes tweeters and woofers facing a variety of directions. It can get immensely loud, but stays clear and crisp even at 100%. Sonos has a custom processing unit to adjust the sound for one of the widest soundstages we’ve tested. This may be the one gift for Dad that the whole family chips in on this year.


OtterPop Case (starting at $58.95; otterbox.com)

OtterPop Case

What if a case could be both functional and durable? Well that’s what OtterBox and PopSockets teamed up to do. The OtterPop Case features a thin, yet durable, outer shell that can protect from drops and even has a raised front that provides a lip around the display. On the rear, it has a PopSocket built in for easy phone holding that can also be used as a kickstand. He can even swap out that PopSocket for more personalization.


Belkin Boost Up Charging Dock ($129.40; amazon.com)

Belkin BoostUp Charging Dock

If Dad is an Apple fan who already has an iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad, then the Boost Up Charging Dock from Belkin is a great option. It allows him to wirelessly charge his iPhone and Apple Watch with built-in ports and pads, and packs a USB port to charge an additional item.


Apple MacBook Air (Starting at $949, originally $999; amazon.com)

Apple MacBook Air

For 2020, Apple finally gave the MacBook Air the Magic Keyboard. This all-new keyboard was first seen on the 16-inch MacBook Pro and eventually rolled out to all Mac laptops. It delivers a fantastic typing experience with 1 millimeter of key travel. It also has faster 10th Gen Intel processors, all the power of macOS Catalina, and a sharp Retina display with True Tone. It’s perfect for productivity and entertainment uses.


Anker Nebula Capsule ($279.99; amazon.com)

Anker Nebula Capsule

Anker’s Nebula Capsule will let dads bring their TV shows anywhere — literally anywhere, as it’s a portable projector. And since it’s running Android OS, they can access plenty of streaming options.


iPad Pro (Starting at $749, originally $799; expercom.com)

iPad Pro

If he wants a full laptop replacement, the iPad Pro deserves a look. Available in both 11- and 12.9-inch models, these have a vibrant and sharp Retina Display paired with a zippy A12Z Bionic chip. These can handle any productivity or entertainment task with ease. The rear camera features a lidar sensor for 2020 that enables neat AR experiences. The iPad Pro is also available on Amazon starting at $979.


Beats Solo Pro ($299.95; amazon.com)

Beats Solo Pro

With fast pairing for all iOS devices, booming sound, a comfortable design and plenty of color choices, the Solo Pro headphones deliver a lot of value for the hefty price tag. These also feature active noise cancellation and a transparency mode, to let him concentrate or safely wear them while walking through a noisy city.


Anker 30-Watt Power Port ($25.99; amazon.com)

Anker 30-Watt Power Port

For a gift that’s ultra portable, look no further than Anker’s 30-watt slim charger. It’s just 0.63 inches thick (that’s crazy thin!) and can push out a full 30 watts. That can charge a MacBook Air slowly or fast charge nearly any smartphone on the market.


Nest Learning Thermostat ($199; thehomedepot.com and amazon.com)

Nest Learning Thermostat

A remote control for his thermostat is a fun and neat upgrade. Nest’s 3rd Gen Learning Thermostat can intelligently adjust the heat, depending on where people are in the home, weather in the area and past usage. In the end, he gets more minute controls as the Nest works to help him save power.


Samsung T7 Touch SSD (Starting at $129.99; samsung.com)

Samsung T7 Touch SSD

A slick portable hard drive is handy for backups and projects alike. And Samsung’s latest T7 Touch SSD is not only super fast, with read speeds of 1,050Mbps and write speeds of 1,000Mbps, but it’s slim. It’s about as thick as four credit cards stacked on top of each other, and fits that profile as well. The T7 is built tough with a strong aluminum outer shell made to withstand a 2-meter (6.5-foot) fall. It’s also secure, with a password or fingerprint protecting access to the data.


DJI Mavic Mini Drone ($399; store.dji.com)

DJI Mavic Mini Drone

At $399, the Mavic Mini drone is more affordable than a Mavic Air 2. It’s quite portable and tiny, but still as zippy and smart as any drone should be. We liked it when we tested it and consider it the perfect starter drone. It’s not intimidating and offers handy features for novice flyers.


Logitech Circle2 (Starting at $179.99; logitech.com)

Logitech Circle2

Logitech’s latest security camera won’t take up much space and is rated for use inside and out. It also is an Apple HomeKit approved security camera, meaning that it integrates quite nicely within Apple’s ecosystem. Ask Siri for a live view and monitor it from within the Home app. Its 1080p HD lens has night vision support and a wide view at 180 degrees.


Audio-Technica Stereo Turntable ($99; amazon.com)

Audio-Technica Stereo Turntable

This turntable is a great way to give vinyl records a spin. It comes bundled with an adapter, making it easy to blast those tracks on a better set of speakers. The aluminum casing not only gives it a sharp look, but also adds durability.


BAGSMART Universal Cable Organizer ($15.99; amazon.com)

BAGSMART Universal Cable Organizer

Of course, with his gadget collection, keeping the cords organized can be a bit of a chess game. Well, that tangled mess can become history after you gift him this universal cable organizer that neatly tucks everything way while not in use.

As with any gift giving, there isn’t one product perfect for everyone, so we have several other guides you can peruse:

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