Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively announced a joint donation to the NAACP.  (Photo by Steven Ferdman/Getty Images)
CNN  — 

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are trying to do their part amid the protests against police brutality.

The married duo took to Instagram Sunday to share that they have donated $200,000 to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund (LDF).

“We’ve never had to worry about preparing our kids for different rules of law or what might happen if we’re pulled over in the car,” they wrote in their post, which was shared on both their accounts.

“We don’t know what it’s like to experience that life day in and day out. We can’t imagine feeling that kind of fear and anger. We’re ashamed that in the past we’ve allowed ourselves to be uninformed about how deeply rooted systemic racism is.”

Lively added that the two “want to educate ourselves about other people’s experiences and talk to our kids about everything, all of it, especially our own complicity.”

She wrote that the couple’s donation, which comes during days of protests across America after the kjilling of George Floyd in Minneapolis, is “just a start” and that they “want to use our privilege and platform to be an ally. And play a part in easing pain for so many who feel as though this grand experiment is failing them.”