Necco Wafers are about to make a comeback.
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Necco Wafers are about to make a sweet comeback after a two-year absence.

The beloved candy’s disappearance came after the factory in Revere, Massachusetts that made Necco Wafers closed abruptly in 2018. The brand was eventually purchased out of bankruptcy by Spangler Candy Company, which is launching the candy’s comeback.

Originally created in 1847, the candy’s name is an acronym for the New England Confectionery Company, the company that created it. The disk-shaped candies wrapped in wax paper are instantly recognizable to candy aficionados.

“Just when comfort food is experiencing a resurgence, Necco Wafers is back with that very kind of familiar, comfortable feeling we all seem to be craving,” said Spangler Candy Company CEO Kirk Vashaw. “We are delighted to bring Necco Wafers back into production and to share in their sweet return with fans old and new.”

The original formula remains unchanged for seven of the eight original flavors. Lemon (yellow), lime (green), orange (orange), clove (light purple), cinnamon (white), wintergreen (pink) and licorice (dark grey) will taste the same, but there were minor improvements made to chocolate (brown) to add a richer cocoa flavor.

The same wax paper is also being used to package the candy, so Necco lovers will still feel that sense of nostalgia every time they grab a roll.

“We know fans have been waiting anxiously for the return of Necco Wafers and anticipate high demand,” Vashaw said. “Our production lines will continue to run as fast as possible to keep stores in-stock.”

The wafers will begin to hit the shelves of major drugstores and pharmacies in early June, followed by shipments to other major retailers.