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US coronavirus death toll surpasses 100,000
03:25 - Source: CNN
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    A species of giant tortoise not seen in more than 100 years – and thought to be extinct – has been found in the Galapagos Islands

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    More than 100,000 Americans have now died of Covid-19 in less than four months. That’s almost twice the number of Americans lost during the entire Vietnam War and about the same number that died nationwide during the flu pandemic in 1968. On average, nearly 900 Americans have succumbed to the disease every day since the first known virus-related death was recorded on February 6. Even then, the numbers may not paint a complete picture of the damage, since some victims – like those who die in their homes and not in a hospital – might never have been tested for the virus, and states still don’t agree on how to report deaths. While Americans are absorbing the steep toll of the crisis, infectious disease experts say it’s almost certain we’ll see a second surge of the virus when summer ends.

    John King magic wall 05272020
    Where early US coronavirus hotspots stand now
    02:23 - Source: CNN


    China has approved that controversial national security law for Hong Kong. It will drastically broaden Beijing’s power over the semi-autonomous city, which has been rocked by anti-government protests calling for greater democracy and more autonomy from mainland China. Critics say the law threatens the political freedoms of Hong Kong’s citizens. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he certified to Congress that Hong Kong no longer enjoys a high degree of autonomy from China – a decision that could result in the loss of Hong Kong’s special trading status with the US and threaten its standing as a global financial hub. That, in turn, could jeopardize billions of dollars in trade with American businesses and damage the already-battered world economy.

    NPC 2020
    China approves decision to enact Hong Kong national security law
    04:16 - Source: CNN


    It looks like President Trump will fight back against Twitter’s attempts to call out misinformation in his tweets. He is set to announce an executive order today against social media companies, but it’s unclear what that will include. The President accused Twitter of censorship after it applied a fact check to two of his tweets about mail-in voting and even said he was open to using federal powers to rein in the platform. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey responded by saying the fact-check measures don’t make Twitter the “arbiter of truth.” Dorsey and his company have been criticized for what some see as a reticence to moderate posts by the President, who recently used the platform to push baseless allegations against former Rep. Joe Scarborough regarding the death of a congressional staffer years ago.

    U.S. President Donald Trump makes a statement in the briefing room at the White House on May 22, 2020 in Washington, DC. President Trump announced news CDC guidelines that churches and places of worship are essential and must reopen now.
    Twitter fact-checks Trump's tweets for the first time
    02:50 - Source: CNN

    4. Brexit 

    Six feet may not be far enough apart for effective social distancing, according to new commentary published in the journal Science. Medical experts say the distance recommended by the World Health Organization may not properly shield others from aerosols passed by breathing and speaking, especially in indoor situations, by people infected with Covid-19. Like so many things about the coronavirus, the experts say more information is needed about the nature of its spread. For now, masking up seems to be the best bet. Dr. Anthony Fauci beat that drum again yesterday, imploring people to don masks as the country opens back up. He says while wearing a mask isn’t 100% effective, it’s an important safeguard and is also a sign of respect for others – and a symbol of pandemic best practices. 

    Dr. Anthony Fauci speaks during an interview with CNN on May 27.
    Dr. Fauci: I wear a mask because it's effective
    00:49 - Source: CNN

    5. Teachers’ strikes

    It’s no secret that the drastic change in traffic and flight volume across the world has been a boon for the environment. However, the pandemic could end up endangering the climate in other ways. The economic fallout of the crisis has caused a historic slump in global energy investment that could threaten climate goals in the longer term, according to a new report. The International Energy Agency says such investments could plunge this year by a record $400 billion, lightening the coffers for clean energy initiatives and other climate-friendly policies and driving lower-income countries back toward cheaper coal and fossil fuel use. Plus, experts say once the world gets up and running again, carbon emissions will rocket back once more. 

    flooded street climate corona
    What coronavirus could teach us about the climate crisis
    03:18 - Source: CNN

    BREAKFAST BROWSE has added a bunch of words related to culture, identity and race – plus some modern slang

    Get ready for some bubbleball.

    celtics player
    NBA players hold secret meeting about resuming season
    02:55 - Source: CNN

    That historic SpaceX launch was postponed due to weather

    The greatest plans, foiled by a spot of Florida weather.

    weather map spacex launch 05272020
    Meteorologist explains why historic launch was scrubbed
    03:11 - Source: CNN

    Starbucks mugs and tumblers are the latest in-demand brand items

    Gotta have someplace fashionable to put your coffee.

    Signs warning of murder hornets at popular hiking spot were just pranks, police say 

    Let’s not give the murder hornets any ideas.

    The Simpsons. Marge in Chains Part 1 episode.
    'The Simpsons' predicted pandemic, 'murder hornets' in 1993
    00:45 - Source: CNN

    Cannibal dinosaurs turned to eating each other during tough times 

    See? Things could be worse.


    Relief changes may be coming

    The House is scheduled to vote today on changes to the Paycheck Protection Program, set up to help struggling small businesses with emergency loans during the pandemic. The bipartisan measure would give businesses more time to use loans under the program and more flexibility in how to use them.

    LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 12:  Exterior of Staples Center after both the NHL and NBA postpone seasons due to corona virus concerns at Staples Center on March 12, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
    How did the LA Lakers get a coronavirus loan?
    05:37 - Source: CNN



    NEW YORK CITY- MAY 12:  People walk through a shuttered business district in Brooklyn on May 12, 2020 in New York City. Across America, people are reeling from the loss of jobs and incomes as unemployment soars to historical levels following the COVID-19 outbreak. While some states are beginning to re-open slowly, many business are struggling to find a profit with the news restrictions and a population that is fearful of the contagious virus.  (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
    Another 2.4 million Americans file for unemployment benefits
    00:55 - Source: CNN Business



    Tera Brown, George Floyd’s cousin, saying the officers involved in the arrest that preceded the 46-year-old black man’s death should be charged with murder

    target sidner
    CNN reporter describes 'chaos' at looted Target
    03:48 - Source: CNN


    daily weather forecast Eastern US severe thunderstorms flooding rainfall Western US record heat_00000102.jpg
    Severe storms for the east and record heat for the west
    01:58 - Source: CNN

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