A 6-year-old is exchanging skateboards with his idol Tony Hawk thanks to a FedEx driver's TikTok

Skateboarding pro Tony Hawk received a gift from a 6-year-old fan with the help of a FedEx carrier in Georgia.

(CNN)A FedEx carrier in Georgia turned to TikTok to help a 6-year-old fan send a gift to skateboarding pro Tony Hawk.

Cooper Morgan, who lives in the town of Suwanee, flagged Mikail Farrar on his route on Monday, chasing his truck. Farrar shared the story in a TikTok video posted Tuesday.
FedEx driver Mikail Farrar in a still from his TikTok video.
"Can you mail something for me?" Cooper asked Farrar, then went back into his house and brought out a heavily used skateboard.
On the left side of the board, on the exposed wood, Cooper had written his name. On the other side he had written "Tony Hawk."
    "Get this to Tony Hawk from me. Tell him it's from Cooper," he told Farrar, as Cooper's mom winked and nodded.
    But Farrar knew he couldn't deliver the skateboard without an address.
    "The least I can do is put it out there in the universe," he said in his TikTok video.
    Cooper Morgan's skateboard. The six-year-old boy flagged FedEx driver Mikail Farrar to help him send the skateboard to Tony Hawk.
    The universe delivered.
    Farrar told CNN he posted the video in the afternoon, but didn't check TikTok again until the evening, when suddenly his phone started blowing up.
    A well placed tag in the video's caption and hundreds of thousands of likes and additional tags from TikTok users helped Cooper's gift reach the right recipient.
    Hawk, who hadn't used TikTok since 2018, filmed a video response.
    "I just want to say thank you so much for the skateboard. It's on my way to my house already, and as a thank you gift I'm gonna send you my skateboard, this one right here that I'm riding," Hawk said, adding that he hopes to meet Cooper sometime.
    Skateboarding pro Tony Hawk posted a video to TikTok in response to Farrar's.
    Farrar coordinated with Hawk to personally ship Cooper's old skateboard. The package is expected to get to Hawk's house on May 27, he told CNN.
    Farrar said he was "totally shocked" when Hawk reached out.
    "I had low expectations. I was hopeful, but I just thought that celebrities went swimming in their money and looked in the mirror all day. I don't know what they do, but not Tony Hawk, he's a special guy."
    Mikail Farrar
    On Wednesday, Farrar posted a video update showing Cooper and his brother Tucker, who is 9, with their long blond hair and oversized T-shirts.
    "I just wanna say thank you for the skateboard and you're a really great skater," Cooper said.
    "I'm a huge fan and I really, really, really like you, and there's a board coming your way, so be prepared," Tucker added.
    Hawk later left a comment to the video: "Thanks boys! I'll send something for Tucker too. And thank YOU Mikail for connecting all of us."
    Hawk's package with three brand new skateboards arrived at the boys' house Thursday morning.