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Drew Barrymore raising money for kids affected by coronavirus
03:29 - Source: HLN
CNN  — 

Drew Barrymore is inviting you over, [virtually] for some tacos.

The actress spoke to CNN about why she wants to bring her fans together on her Instagram Live tonight for Taco Tuesday to raise awareness for children affected by the coronavirus. Particularly, when it comes to getting food to children in need.

That’s why she will be announcing a combined $1 million dollar donation to the organization No Kid Hungry.

“You start to wonder how you can even make a difference as an individual,” Barrymore told CNN in an interview. “I think picking something that really speaks to you is important. School feeding has been that theme [for me] and this was before I had children. In fact, I think it was the push I needed to have this awareness and concern and care maybe before I did become a parent.”

Barrymore, 45, who has two daughters, has been open about the challenges of home schooling during the pandemic and described the situation in two words.

“Hot mess!” she said. “I couldn’t get my daughter to do her math homework today because I am supposed to be her teacher, her friend and her parent … children need more than their parents. I think we are going to have to approach everything as a new normal and things are going to change. That is the hard news and the good news is hopefully things that were not discussable, or potential or possible are now going to be on the table to discuss: working from home, less travel, less commuting, safer approaches.”

For those who feel like they can’t see the light right now, Barrymore says she, too, has tough days.

“We must come together, I see people taking care of each other in a way that is so profound. It is understandable to lose hope. I wake up every day and it is not easy for me to find it some days. It’s not easy for anyone to find it some days. …

“We have been through things before, we will continue to go through things as a society and in our own personal lives … When we lift each other up, we don’t come down or drown from lifting someone else – we rise with them.”

Barrymore’s Instagram Live event begins at 6:30 p.m. ET.