Can they whip it? Devo offers 'energy dome' face shields to fight the pandemic

Latter-day Devo in the distinctive energy domes.

(CNN)New-wave band Devo has joined the fight against coronavirus, maybe hoping to help "Whip It" -- or, at least, bring a touch of retro whimsy to the cause.

The band is known for its early-MTV smash "Whip It" and distinctive look.
Now it's selling the "energy dome" helmets it famously wore back in the day, with a face guard, for $49.95 online.
    Devo's famous energy dome and face shield
    The look is one part metalworker, one part Lego, and one part nerdy nostalgia.
    "The Dome is solid and the attached Shield is clear but it's what you can't see that gets you!" says the band's website.
      "The Shield attaches to your Energy Dome via Velcro. It's simple and it's safe!"
      Whip it good.