Alex Rodriguez to 2020 grads: 'Don't be afraid to fail'

(CNN)Former baseball player Alex Rodriguez addressed 2020 graduates during the CNN special "Class of 2020: In This Together." Here's what he said:

"Hello class of 2020 and happy graduation. I know this must be an incredibly weird time for you and a bit disappointing that you don't have the normal, typical graduation ceremony.
It's a strange time for all of us. But we will get through it. I know it's hard now, but this is certainly a year you will never forget. And your education and degree will take you places and help you succeed as the world gets back on its feet.
What a prestigious honor. You should all feel so incredibly proud. You know, you all have something that I don't have: a college degree. I dreamt about being in your shoes my entire life. And now the real fun begins for all of you.
    Now you can go out and accomplish whatever it is you want to accomplish, whether it's in business, or medicine, athletics, art, writing or anything. Go out there and reach for the stars.
      Most importantly, don't be afraid to fail. You can truly go out and accomplish anything, even if it takes more than one try. It may take 10 tries. And always believe in yourself and never ever give up on your dreams.
      Stay safe, stay healthy, stay positive, stay aggressive and when in doubt: attack. Congratulations!"