Preschools and childcare might reopen soon. Should you send your kid?

Preschool teacher Yafreisi Pepen is shown here with Keegan at Bright Horizons at Landmark in Boston. Bright Horizons has been running centers for essential workers in recent months.

(CNN)Last week I received an email from my younger son's preschool.

"We might be opening in June. If so, we will be taking a number of precautions. Please let us know in the next week if you would be interested in sending your child."
Interested? Of course, I'm interested. He would get a chance to socialize, surrounded by the teachers and friends he loves. I would get to work in a quieter environment — and would certainly be more productive when free of a certain "colleague" who doesn't entirely respect the demands of journalism.
    His school, his darling, perfect school, would get a chance to get back up and running, increasing the odds that they will get through the pandemic financially intact.
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