A closed movie theater in Downtown Los Angeles, on March 21, 2020, during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

With movie theaters closed during stay-at-home orders, some local theaters turn to their marquees to entertain

Updated 10:04 AM ET, Sat May 9, 2020

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(CNN)The majority of local movie theaters have been closed since March, but that hasn't stopped them from entertaining people with their marquees.

Local theaters across the country have been using their vintage signs to remind audiences of the movies they love and the pandemic they're facing.
The marquee of the Lake Theater & Cafe in Oswego, Oregon.
Using classic films such as "Back to the Future," "Stand By Me", and "The Wizard of Oz" as inspiration, the marquees feature encouraging messages and funny reminders about staying at home and social distancing guidelines.
The marquee of the Kiggins Theatre in Vancouver, Washington.
For example, the marquee of the Kiggins Theatre in Vancouver, Washington, read: "Marty you must not leave the house anything you do could have serious repercussions on future events."
Elsewhere, in Greenfield, Massachusetts, Greenfield Garden Cinema put up a quote from "The Dark Knight" character Harvey Dent: "The night is darkest just before the dawn and I promise you the dawn is coming."