Westampton Township Police Chief Stephen Entin helped deliver pizzas to his community Saturday.
CNN  — 

A police department in New Jersey threw a pizza party for hundreds of residents – while adhering to social distancing rules, of course.

Officers from the Westampton Township Police Department partnered with three restaurants to deliver 275 pizzas to community members on Saturday. That’s about $2,000 in baked pie.

“We were thinking of a way to bring a positive light to what’s going on. We wanted to put a smile on their faces and assist the stay at home order from Governor Murphy,” police Chief Stephen Ent told CNN.

Police officials announced the pizza event on their Facebook page last week, garnering hundreds of likes and comments. The lines rang off the hook as officers took call-in orders and relayed them to the restaurants during the three-hour event.

“It was a lot more than what we were expecting. It was almost like working a telethon,” Chief Ent said.

The positive community response was overwhelming, even from residents who weren’t able to order a pizza. One Westampton local of 40 years said even though she didn’t get a pizza, it was the thought that counts.

“Even though many of us were not able to place an order, the gesture was a monumental show of gratitude to our town and its people! And for that I’m sure not only myself but many of the town’s people and our small restaurant’s and shops appreciate all that the Westampton Police Department has done over the year’s to keep us and our community safe!” Kathleen Goldstein wrote on the event Facebook page.

The department paid for the event from it’s community policing fund, according to Ent. Local businesses donate to the fund to help the police department sponsor community events throughout the year.

They’ve hosted ice cream socials and block parties in years past, but this is the first time the department organized a social distancing pizza party, Ent told CNN.

He and other officers helped delivery drivers drop off pizzas.

“It was kind of cool jumping out of a police car with a police uniform on and a mask on, with a pizza. That’s something you don’t see every day,” he said.