The cast of 'Will & Grace' -- Sean Hayes as Jack, Megan Mullally as Karen, Debra Messing as Grace, Eric McCormack as Will -- said goodbye in the final episode of the series.
CNN  — 

“Will & Grace” have officially vacated the apartment, honey.

The NBC comedy wrapped up Thursday night with a series finale that brought closure and lots of laughs.

The end featured two reunions (Karen and Stan and Will and McCoy), a dream come true (Jack finally appeared on Broadway), a final slap-fest and, of course, some (off-screen) labor.

This is, of course, the second time “Will & Grace” has ended.

The first came in 2006 when the series concluded its first run on NBC.

The revival debuted in 2017 and with this finale, re-wrote an ending that the creators told Entertainment Weekly was much more befitting.

“The last time, I remember feeling something about it that felt very sort of misty and sad. You’re saying goodbye after all these years together and this is going to be it. We wanted to project some fantasy into the future about what happened to them, which felt in a way kind of bittersweet and maybe too much on the bitter side,” co-creator David Kohan told the publication. “And this time around, it felt like it lasted the right amount of time, the ending felt like the one that we kind of wanted for these characters. And so, we feel a little more sure-footed this time.”

In the 2006 finale, the series featured a flash forward to an unexpected reunion between Will and Grace during which they rekindle their friendship.

On social media, the cast paid tribute to the end of this era.

“Final bows… thank you to every single fan who’s been there from day one and those who joined us for the reunion. We love you all,” wrote Eric McCormack, who played Will.

Sean Hayes added: “Thank you to ALL of the loyal and loving fans of ‘Will & Grace’. This second go-around was a toast to you.”