The sheep nibbled on grass near the empty restaurant.
CNN  — 

While humans are in their homes during lockdown, some animals are taking advantage of the situation.

People might be dreaming of being able to eat at their favorite restaurants once again, but a flock of sheep has descended on a McDonald’s in the town of Ebbw Vale, south Wales – choosing to munch on a patch of grass by the fast food outlet instead of grabbing a burger.

“Even the sheep in Ebbw Vale, Wales are having McDonald’s withdrawals,” local resident Andrew Thomas joked on a community social media page, after taking the picture on Saturday morning.

“I was leaving Aldi store next to McDonald’s after shopping for my mother and some elderly neighbors who are in isolation,” Thomas told CNN.

“I saw the sheep and took a pic to put on Facebook as a joke after everyone has been posting [about] cravings and withdrawals for McDonald’s food,” he said.

“It’s normal south Wales valley life to see sheep wandering down the streets of Ebbw Vale. Or even horses or cows,” Thomas added.

With humans stuck inside amid the coronavirus pandemic, animals around the world have been spotted capitalizing on the relative peace and quiet.

Earlier this month, goats were spotted roaming the Welsh coastal town of Llandudno.

The streets were quiet after new restrictions on social movement – and the goats happily filled the empty spaces.

Videos and pictures shared online showed the goats grazing on grass from church grounds, flower beds, and residential properties.

Meanwhile in Australia, a kangaroo was spotted bouncing through deserted streets in the center of the the South Australian capital of Adelaide.

And in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, a pride of lions was pictured lounging across a road last week.