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Craving meat, and finding it in short supply on those rare grocery outings these days? Or, like many of us, avoiding going out altogether? Sustainable, ethically sourced, delicious meat is just a few clicks away from arriving, flash-frozen and packed in dry ice, at your door.

Dreaming of an indulgent porterhouse for two? Keep scrolling. Want to be surprised by a mixture of tasty meats, monthly? Read on. These delivery services will keep you well-fed for as long as you like.


Most meat from Rastelli's is shipped in boxes of eight to 24 servings, with a wide range of prices.

Specializes in: Responsibly raised, steroid-, hormone- and antibiotic-free beef. Begun as a brick-and-mortar shop adjacent to a deli in New Jersey in the 1970s, Rastelli’s is first and foremost a true butcher. The company ages all its beef, except ground, in house, condensing more flavor, according to its site, and trims its meat and seafood to “exacting standards that allow you to leave almost nothing on the plate.”

It also: Sources wild seafood caught by fishers in the natural environment, and Faroe Island salmon, sustainably raised in a controlled environment in the Atlantic. There’s also humanely raised chicken, turkey and pork, as well as Daring plant-based “chicken” and VBites plant-based burgers.

Pricing: Most meat is shipped in boxes of eight to 24 servings, with a wide range of prices: a box of eight servings of sirloin is $59, for example, while 12 servings of boneless chicken breasts cost $35.

Bonus: Save 5% if you subscribe, committing to monthly shipments.

Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks will custom-cut a steak for you, trim and debone, tie or carve entire roasts.

Specializes in: Steaks, duh. If beef is your jam, Omaha Steaks is your site. Pick by cut — prime rib, porterhouse, rib-eye, sirloin — or by specialty steak — grass-fed, bison, veal. You can also utilize the butchers’ service: They’ll custom-cut a steak for you, trim and debone, tie or carve entire roasts, and talk you through your needs over the phone.

It also: Offers meats of many other kinds: gourmet burgers, brats and bacon. And beyond just “meat” meats, there’s barbecue, seafood, entire meals, sides and starters and desserts — over 400 items total, including a number of indulgent combos with free shipping.

Pricing: Combo boxes cost in the $130-$180 range, and prices for individual cuts vary widely, based, naturally, on cut, starting on the low end at around $20 for a pound of triple-trim tenderloin tips.

Bonus: In the mood to send this as a gift? Omaha Steaks has everything from a basket of live lobsters to classic gourmet snacks to a chocolate-lover’s dream.

Chicago Steak Company

Chicago Steak Company

Specializes in: An incredibly wide variety of steak, which are all certified USDA Choice or USDA Prime to ensure quality. The company prides itself on its high standards for aging processes and hand-cut selection, and considers its steaks in the top 2% of beef worldwide.

It also: Has a variety of other kinds of meats as well, including chicken, pork, ribs, lobster, crab, salmon and more.

Pricing: Prices for steak start at just $59.95 and go up to an extremely generous assortment that’s currently priced at $329.95. Burgers start at $64.95, 24 marinated chicken breasts start at $119.95 and surf and turf packages start at $99.95. There’s also gift baskets, which start at under $75. The company also has plenty of promotions going on right now, including free shipping and additional free burgers on orders of $99 or more with the code FREEGIFTS.

Bonus: In addition to meat, it also has side dishes (think potato casserole and mac & cheese) and desserts (think death by chocolate cake).

Larder Meat Co.

Larder Meat Co. sells monthly subscription boxes, through Cratejoy, of mixed meats.

Specializes in: Monthly subscription boxes of mixed meats, sorted by size and type, through Cratejoy. The 100% grass-fed box, for example, contains 6 pounds of Hearst Ranch grass-fed and finished beef of varying cuts (ground, fajita, sirloin, rib-eye, to name a few), along with 2 pounds of pasture-raised chicken and heritage pork. An important note: Larder ships through Cratejoy to California, Arizona and Nevada, but new customers need to sign up through its own website first. Also, overnight shipping is free.

It also: Includes a different pantry item in your box each month, from a box of homemade Etto Pastificio pasta to grains or beans from Kandarian Organic Farms — plus a packet of spice blends and a recipe.

Pricing: There are small (10-pound) and large (14-pound) larder boxes, for $139 and $189; chicken- and pork-only boxes are $159, a grass-fed and mixed-finish box is $149.

Bonus: Larder Meat Co. is a real mom and pop shop, started by chef Jensen Lorenzen and his wife, Grace, who “believe in the power of linking land and food as a means of strengthening a community.”

Porter Road

Porter Road specializes in pasture-raised meat sourced from Kentucky and Tennessee

Specializes in: Hormone-free, antibiotic-free, pasture-raised meat, all sourced from Kentucky and Tennessee. Known for being especially cost-efficient, prices start at just around $8, with subscriptions available as well.

It also: Dry-ages all its beef for a minimum of 14 days, which creates a tenderness and especially intense flavor. The company also provides recipes and tips on how to properly treat and cook its meat, along with regular specials like 20% off its top-rated bundles.

Pricing: Items start at just $8 for dry-aged ground beef, with pork short ribs going for just $10 and ground lamb going for $12. Subscription boxes start at $70 for six pounds of assorted meat, and go up to $127 for a variety pack.

Bonus: Porter Road prides itself on providing a healthy diet for its animals, and plenty of outdoor exercise.

Butcher Box

Butcher Box curates mixes of up to 21 cuts of high quality beef, chicken and pork.

Specializes in: Curating mixes of up to 21 cuts of high-quality beef, chicken and pork, either preselected, or handpicked by you. Right now, Butcher Box has a waitlist for deliveries, but fingers crossed its production will catch up soon.

It also: Assures the highest quality of beef, pork and chicken. It’s committed to all of its meat being sourced from humanely raised animals, with no added hormones or antibiotics, and partnering with sustainable farms. Butcher Box has also worked with the ASPCA on broiler chicken welfare policies. The shop aims to “work tirelessly to connect families with the foods they want to eat by establishing a friendly neighborhood butcher, always open, online.”

Pricing: Boxes selected for you are $129 per month; customized by you, they’re $149.

Bonus: Butcher Box has pages and pages of recipes, videos and tips on how to prepare more meats than you could imagine.

Cameron’s Seafood

The Maryland box includes Maryland blue crabs and spiced shrimp.

Specializes in: Curated boxes of Maryland crabs and other seafood. A subscription gets you biweekly, monthly or bimonthly deliveries, “from shore to door, three days fresher than at the grocery store.” The Maryland box includes Maryland blue crabs and spiced shrimp. And all shipping is free. Ready for that virtual crab boil?

It also: Ships boxes of crab soup and crab cakes, something likely not on the menu of a lot of folks at home right now.

Pricing: Three 32-ounce containers of crab bisque, crab gumbo, and lobster bisque comprise a $119 box; the crab leg box is 6 pounds of snow, king, and Dungeness crab for $299.99.

Bonus: Cameron’s Seafood is one of the biggest names in Maryland seafood, still run by a man named Cameron, whose father and uncle started the company in 1985.

Snacking Evolved

Snacking Evolved ships a monthly pack of artisan dried meat snacks.

Specializes in: Meat in stick form! Yep, we mean jerky. ‘Cuz sometimes you need a little meat nosh, in dried, bite-size form. Delivering monthly artisan meat snacks through Cratejoy, Snacking Evolved (by Fortified Nutrition) ships a monthly pack of nine sticks of grass-fed beef with dried cherries and sweet potato or beef with uncured bacon and apple, or sticks of natural heritage pork with uncured bacon and pineapple.

It also: Donates a four-pack of artisan meat sticks to families in need with every subscription ordered.

Pricing: A subscription, a box of nine sticks, is $22.04 a month.

Bonus: The snacks are 100% natural and gluten-, soy-, dairy- and GMO-free.

The tools

Wüsthof Classic 8-Inch Cook’s Knife ($149.99; bedbathandbeyond.com)

Wüsthof Classic 8-Inch Cook's Knife

Most serious home cooks will have this mainstay already; if you don’t have a classic 8-inch knife, get on it before those steaks arrive.

Lodge 12-Inch Cast-Iron Skillet ($22.99; target.com)

Lodge 12-Inch Cast-Iron Skillet

Another necessity: a midsize cast iron skillet. You can spend a fortune collecting fancy ones that’ll last a lifetime. This one happens to be a bargain.

Escali Gourmet Digital Thermometer ($19.99; kohls.com)

Escali Gourmet Digital Thermometer

If you’re cooking steak, chicken or pork, and you want it cooked just right, you’ll want a digital meat thermometer.

Amina Oval Platter ($27.96, originally $34.95; crateandbarrel.com)

Amina Oval Platter

It feels more occasion-y to serve your beautiful new preparations on a special dish.

Laguiole Oak Steak Knives, Set of 6 ($60; crateandbarrel.com)

Laguiole ® Oak Steak Knives

It’s doing a disservice to the beautiful steaks you just ordered to eat them without actual steak knives. Don’t own a set yet? Now’s the time!

BIA Crab Bistro Oval Platter ($14.99; bedbathandbeyond.com)

BIA Crab Bistro Oval Platter

If you’re going to order crabs all the way from Maryland, for crying out loud, serve them on a cute crab platter!

Seafood Cracker Set ($14.99; bedbathandbeyond.com)

Seafood Cracker Set

It’s against the laws of the mid-Atlantic region to approach eating crab without proper crackers and forks.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.