Stay healthy inside and out with Alo Yoga
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It’s an understatement to say we’re living in unusual times, and that can take a toll on all of us, both physically and emotionally. But just because we can’t be together in person right now doesn’t mean we can’t take care of ourselves and each other. Staying healthy and fit is not just vital for yourself, but also for the people who depend on you. Plus, knowing that you’re looking your best on the outside can help you feel good on the inside, too.

Alo Yoga is here to help keep both your mind and body at their peak with at-home classes and fashionable gear that’s perfect for the work-from-home lifestyle. This Los Angeles-based company — whose leggings have adorned the stems of the likes of Gigi Hadid, Taylor Swift, Hailey Baldwin and Kendall Jenner — sprang up in 2007. Its founders wanted to help others learn how the practice of yoga could transform lives by encouraging both fitness and a more centered spirit and general mindfulness.

Alo Yoga is offering thousands of online workshops

Of course, that was 13 years before a near-global quarantine that’s keeping many of us indoors. Still, Alo Yoga has you covered, with a full library of yoga workshop videos taught by noted professional yoga teachers from around the world — we’re talking thousands of classes here, with new ones added daily. The classes are offered in a range of levels and are perfect for the person whose sacred yoga space now also doubles as an office, dining room and nursery.

Want to work on handstands? No need to turn your world upside down; Alo Yoga has the tools you need to succeed. Need some vigorous activity to help you power through the coming weeks? Alo Yoga will bring the heat with power yoga sessions. Or do you need help winding down after a long day? Alo Yoga has the perfect meditation guidance for you.

You don’t even need to figure out how to prop up your smartphone on your coffee table, so you can follow along from your yoga mat. Alo Yoga’s video platform, Alo Moves, is optimized for web, phone and tablet, making it convenient no matter what your space and technological constraints are.

Alo Yoga has reintroduced its popular Pink Drop

Download the app for a free 14-day trial right now, after which a subscription costs $20 a month, or about the price of a single in-person yoga class.

Not to mention, Alo Yoga has reintroduced its popular Pink Drop (aka Macaron) colors of yoga gear, including leggings, tops, shorts and more, all featuring a hint of glitter to brighten up even the gloomiest studio apartments. Officially, it’s called the Pink Launch for Summer, but there’s no need to wait for next season; these styles are available right now.

Alo Yoga is only a click away, so you can stay in shape — and look fabulous — without ever having to walk out the front door.