US teachers had days to re-define class amid a nationwide crisis. The weeks stuck in limbo haven't been easy

Updated 4:00 AM ET, Sun April 5, 2020

(CNN)Kevin Klemm is going into his third week of teaching from home.

Since the first day the Illinois social studies teacher found out schools were shutting down due to the coronavirus pandemic, there was no time to pause and think.
"This is really tough when we're being taken away from what we normally do ... knowing how much importance we have on kids' daily lives," he said.
Now at least 124,000 schools have been shuttered across the US in hopes of slowing the spread of coronavirus, according to Education Week. At least ten states have already announced students will not be going back to class this year.
But for many educators who, like Klemm, had days to go online, the transition has been overwhelming. Moving around their classroom and looking over students' shoulders has turned into answering emails, recording quick lessons and putting together homework packets often delivered by teachers themselves to students' doorsteps.