Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot will do anything -- even try to play guitar -- to encourage social distancing.
CNN  — 

Lori Lightfoot is a lot more than the mayor of Chicago.

In a video posted to Twitter, she assumes multiple personas – the Analyst, the Baker, the Astrologer and more – to let people know they need to “Stay Home, Save Lives” during the coronavirus pandemic.

As The Baller, Lightfoot holds a palm-sized basketball in a kitchen and says to the camera, “If I make this shot, you’ve got to stay home.” Then she dunks on a hoop attached to the refrigerator.

The Voice of Reason tells a friend on the phone, “Debbie, getting your roots done is not essential.”

The Fan wears a Chicago White Sox shirt while watching a baseball game on TV and says, “If my White Sox win, you’ve got to stay home.” Of course, she knew who would win, since the game was a video of the 2005 World Series.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot takes it to the hoop in her kitchen.

At the end, The Realist gets serious and says, “The truth is, 40,000 hospitalizations will break our health care system.”

The video is not your typical public service announcement, but Lightfoot has broken the mold in other ways. Having never having held elected office previously, the former assistant US attorney became Chicago’s first female mayor when she was elected one year ago as well as becoming the city’s first mayor that identifies as lesbian.