alicia keys sings flo rida my house SCREENGRAB
CNN  — 

Alicia Keys took to a studio corner to freestyle her own coronavirus-themed version of the Flo Rida hit, “My House.”

The singer appeared on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” to perform the song on Thursday and launched, perhaps, the perfect anthem for the age of social distancing.

“You can’t come to my house/ Suddenly two’s a crowd/ Only Swizz is allowed/ We don’t have to go out,” she sang. (Swizz Beatz is Keys’ husband.)

Keys, who rapped we “have to stay in to curve flatten,” even had advice on cleaning worked into the tune.

“Please be very careful with the Chlorox wipes/ Some fools, they flushin’ ‘em down the pipes/ We were unaware/ Now even Cardi’s scared/ How we gonna fare/ No toilet papaper,” she sang.

She also joked that now she knows what zoom is and that by the time you do see her out of the house, she’ll be sporting a “unibrow.”