For two minutes, clapping and cheering could be heard for first responders through the streets of New York.
CNN  — 

New Yorkers leaned out their windows and flooded their balconies with two minutes of applause for essential workers on Friday.

They applauded the first responders, nurses, doctors and other health care workers who are helping to fight the city’s coronavirus outbreak. The applause erupted from all over the city at 7 p.m. and lasted for several minutes.

The word about the clapping spread through social media and encouraged New Yorkers to use #clapbecausewecare to share their support. Videos show people yelling and cheering as well as clapping across the city.

Residents of other cities across the world have taken to their windows and balconies to show their appreciation for health care workers. Italy, Spain and India all gathered to show their support for those fighting coronavirus.