Quickly catch up on the day's news

(CNN)Here's what you might have missed Thursday on CNN:

-- More than 1,000 people have died due to the coronavirus in the US, according to CNN's tally. The grim milestone comes as Johns Hopkins University says there are more than a half million cases confirmed globally.
-- Hospitals in the US are turning to increasingly desperate measures to fight a rapidly expanding outbreak.
    -- McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Audi and Volkswagen are just a few of the corporate conglomerates that are interpreting "social distancing" with logo redesigns.
      -- A woman sparked coronavirus fears at a grocery store after police say she intentionally coughed on food. The store threw out $35,000 worth of product.
        -- The leaders of the world's foremost industrialized nations convened over video conference to discuss the global outbreak as data emerged showing the largest of those economies -- the United States -- is suffering massive job losses.
        -- Despite the bad news on jobs, US stocks surged. The Dow has rallied 20% since Monday.
          -- China says it will ban most foreigners from entering the country as Beijing grows concerned over imported coronavirus cases.
          -- James Dyson designed a new ventilator in 10 days. He's making 15,000 for the pandemic fight.
            --Michelle Obama describes her family's daily routine during their coronavirus self-quarantine, which includes structure and "a little Netflix."
            -- A 5.0-magnitude earthquake shook West Texas between the cities of El Paso and Odessa, the US Geological Survey said.