Swae Lee hosted a free virtual concert in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.
CNN  — 

If everything had gone according to plan, Swae Lee would be on tour with rapper Post Malone right now.

But, of course, everything did not go according to plan. This month, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, concerts that had been planned back in November were postponed and canceled, leaving the young singer and composer with nowhere to perform.

So, Swae Lee took the situation into his own hands. On Friday, the musician hosted a free concert for all his fans.

The kicker? The entire event was over Instagram Live, a live streaming service through the popular social media app.

Self-isolating in a studio, Swae Lee gave a full concert. In his Instagram stories, he even shows a bunch of bras strewn about the studio – as if people had thrown them onto the stage.

During the show, he even brought a fan onto the stage.

At one point, a “fan” jumped on stage during the concert, but Swae Lee and a member of security took care of it.

How do you crowd surf in a virtual concert? Let Swae Lee show you.

The concert was a welcome reprieve, as many people around the world find themselves self-isolating or quarantining, as the number of cases of coronavirus continues to rise.

Many events, including Coachella, where Swae Lee was scheduled to perform, have been postponed as a result.