Upright GO 2
Upright GO 2
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If you find yourself working from home at the moment, you might be hunched over your laptop at your kitchen table or desk or even on your couch. Maintaining a healthy posture is critical when you’re sitting for such extended periods of time, and slouching can lead to lower back pain, which about 80% of adults experience in their lives.

If you want to improve your posture, check out the Upright GO 2, a posture training device that’s down to its lowest price ever for one day only.

  • Upright GO 2 ($79.99, originally $99.95; amazon.com)
Upright GO 2
Upright GO 2

The Upright GO 2 trains you to sit up straight with a little device that sticks to your upper back. Once it’s in place, the Upright GO 2 pairs with a companion app to start tracking. To remind you to sit up straight, the device will buzz you when you slouch over too far. Don’t worry, the shock isn’t painful or startling, just annoying.

I tried the Upright GO 2 and felt the difference. It made me more conscious of my posture. The device is small enough that no one could tell I was wearing it. I trained with it over a few days, and sat up noticeably straighter each day.

So if you’re prone to slouching, now’s the perfect time to kick that bad habit. Just remember, the Upright GO 2 is on sale for one day only, so grab it while you can. Your back will thank you.

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