'Sesame Street' is available on PBS and HBO
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It’s hard to limit screen time in the age of the coronavirus.

As families practice social distancing as a strategy to battle the pandemic, kids home from school may be watching more television than usual.

Sierra Filucci, the Editorial Director of Common Sense Media, an aged-based media review site for families, shared some entertainment recommendations for parents to consider at this unusual time.

“It’s ok if you pause your usual screen-time rules,” Filucci told CNN. “You can let kids know that things will go back to normal once this situation is over. But it’s important to choose age-appropriate content, and if kids are out of school and not part of an organized distance learning program, it’s a good idea to supplement entertainment content with educational offerings.”

Here’s a selection of some of the (better) viewing options for kids.

Educational shows

'Sesame Street'

For age 2+

“Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” – Disney Channel

“Sesame Street” – PBS and HBO

For age 3+

“The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That” – PBS Kids

“Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” – PBS

For age 4+

“Tumble Leaf” – Amazon Prime

“Doc McStuffins” – Disney Junior

“Sid the Science Kid” – PBS Kids

“Wallykazam!” – Nickelodeon

For age 5+

“The Electric Company” – PBS

“Word Girl” – PBS Kids

For age 6+

“Design Squad Nation” – PBS Kids

“Planet Earth” – Discovery Channel


'March of the Penguins' (Photo by: Daisy Gilardini)

For ages 6+

“March of the Penguins” – Amazon Prime (rental)

“Babies” – Netflix

For age 7+

“Pick of the Litter” – Netflix

“Wonders of the Sea” – Amazon Prime

Age 8+

“Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable” – Amazon Prime

“The Biggest Little Farm” – Amazon Prime

Age 9+

“Chasing Coral” – Netflix

“Kindness Is Contagious” – Amazon Prime

Age 10+

“Far From the Tree” – Hulu

“Make Believe”– Amazon

“On the Way To School” – Amazon

“Elián” – CNNgo

Movies on Netflix

Age 6+

“Expedition China”

“Ghost of the Mountains”

Age 7+

“Dream Big: Engineering Our World”

“The Short Game”

Age 8+

“Dancing with the Birds”

Age 10+

“Before the Flood”

“Harry & Snowman”

Movies on Disney+

'The Lion King'

Age 3+

“The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh”

“Alice in Wonderland”

Age 4+

“The Jungle Book”

“Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure”

Age 5+

“101 Dalmatians”


“A Bug’s Life”



“The Great Muppet Caper”

“Toy Story”

“Toy Story 4”

Age 6+

“The Absent-Minded Professor”


“The Emperor’s New Groove”

“Finding Dory”

“The Great Mouse Detective”

“Ice Age”

“The Lion King”


“The Muppet Movie”


Age 7+

“Bedknobs and Broomsticks”

“Escape to Witch Mountain”


“The Incredibles”

Movies on Hulu

'The Lorax'

Age 3+

“Curious George 3: Back to the Jungle”

“Lost and Found”

Age 4+

“A Boy Named Charlie Brown”

Age 5+

“Charlotte’s Web”

“Dr. Seuss: The Lorax”

Age 6+

“Free Willy”

“One Crazy Cruise”

“Snoopy, Come Home”

Age 7+


“Steven Spielberg Presents Animaniacs: Wakko’s Wish”

Movies for teens and tweens

'Napoleon Dynamite'

“Napoleon Dynamite”

“Three Amigos!”



“What About Bob?”

“Young Frankenstein”

“Real Genius”

“The Wedding Singer”

“Dinner for Schmucks”

“Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story”


“Blazing Saddles”

“Coming to America”