egg mcmuffin rat trnd
CNN  — 

Cigarette cockroach was the star of New York City’s viral scene less than six months ago.

But, new year, new creature. And Egg McMuffin rat came to take the throne Friday.

A video showing a hungry rodent carrying an entire Egg McMuffin down some stairs has captured the attention of the social media world this week.

“He deserves it,” one onlooker says in the rodent’s debut video.

“What is he carrying?” another asks.

“It’s uhhh McDonald’s … It’s an Egg McMuffin,” the original onlooker says as the rat scurries along, probably never to be seen or recognized again.

Folks replying to the video were amazed at the rodent’s perseverance.

“Lookit this hard workin mom making sure she bring home a treat for her kids on this Friday morning. Bless,” a Twitter user said.

“I’m lovin’ it,” someone else said, in reference to McDonald’s tagline.

This won’t be the last time an animal goes viral. After all we’ve already seen a rat carrying pizza and another with Hennessy.

Anything could be next.