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They’re trying to stop shootings in Chicago before they happen

go there chicago violence
They're trying to stop shootings in Chicago before they happen
08:36 - Source: CNN

Go There heads to Chicago, where a “perfect storm” of coronavirus, record unemployment, and financial and emotional strain have led to a spike in gun violence this summer. CNN’s Omar Jimenez speaks to a group working to prevent shootings by providing conflict mediators who deescalate disputes before they turn deadly.

How bail funds have helped jailed protesters

bail funds 1
Without bail fund donations, many BLM protesters might still be in jail
09:05 - Source: CNN

As protests calling out racism and police brutality have continued through the summer, revolving bail funds have become a critical financial resource in releasing demonstrators from jail. Go There travels from Nashville to Oklahoma City to hear the stories of those impacted by the cash bail system, and those working to reform it.

How teens are coping with COVID-19’s mental health crisis

Teen mental health covid
How teens are coping with COVID-19's mental health crisis
08:20 - Source: CNN

Though Covid-19 has added stress to the lives of most Americans, teens in particularly have been hit hard as they miss major milestones with their friends and worry about family joblessness and illness. CNN visits some of the programs and services helping young people cope.

Beirut deadly explosion adds to suffering from Covid-19

go there video beirut explosion
Beirut's deadly explosion adds to suffering from Covid-19
07:56 - Source: CNN

Ben Wedeman takes us inside CNN’s wrecked bureau after a massive explosion killed over 100 people and sent thousands more to hospitals already overwhelmed by the coronavirus pandemic. The blast has caused massive damage and is unprecedented, even after decades of war and conflict.

As pandemic lingers, food crisis worsens

GoThere food security
1 in 6 Americans could go hungry amid Covid-19 crisis
08:29 - Source: CNN

Food insecurity is estimated to surge this year as many Americans – particularly communities of color in urban areas – struggle with unemployment due the worsening pandemic.