The 'Leaning Tower of Dallas' comes down 2 weeks after it was set to implode

A woman poses for a photo with the so called "Leaning Tower of Dallas" as a crew works to topple the structure north of downtown Dallas.

(CNN)The "Leaning Tower of Dallas" is leaning no longer.

The 11-story building fell on Monday, a week after demolition crews took a wrecking ball to it. And another week after its failed implosion.
The building became a local marvel after its center withstood the strategically placed explosion, if at a slight angle.
      "You could see the building fall down and then that tower there just kind of stopped," one witness told CNN affiliate KTVT. "Everybody went, 'Oh no,' and there it is. It's still sitting there. Amazing."
        The building finally toppled Monday.
        It isn't totally unusual that parts of a building need a little extra push, a spokesperson for the demolition company said at the time.
          "As with many demolitions, the core and elevator shafts require additional demolition measures, and we will proceed with conventional demolition efforts over the course of the week utilizing a crane and wrecking ball," a spokesperson with Lloyd D. Nabors Demolition told KTVT.
          But before that could happen, people flocked to snap selfies and commemorate the oddity.
            Then came the wrecking ball. KTVT livestreamed the demolition on its website.
            It took a while, but by Monday it was down.