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Drake fans woke up this morning more in their feelings than ever.

The Canadian singer and rapper released two new songs, “When To Say When” and “Chicago Freestyle,” late Saturday night.

Rather than release a music video for each song, Drake merged both tracks into one video directed by cinematographer Theo Skudra.

The songs weren’t a total surprise. The 6 God mentioned “When To Say When” in a December interview, but didn’t say if or when it would be released.

“The ones that we connect on most are the ones where I’m just givin’ those life talks like [‘When To Say When],’” Drake said about the song.

He said he shared it with the interviewers “just to show you I can still rap.”

In the song, Drake talks about the mother of his son, Adonis, and mentions his many Billboard records and wins he brought to Toronto.

The video then fuses into “Chicago Freestyle,” which shows Drake driving and lounging around in his hometown, Toronto, before filling a safe with stacks of money.

In the second song, he talks about lessons he’s learned and mistakes he’s made in previous relationships with women he can no longer reach.

“Area code in my phone, what numbers do I still have? Who do I know from the past? Hit one, she say she got a man. Hit another one it goes green. Must’ve changed phones on the team,” he raps.

In December, Drake confirmed that he’s working on a sixth album to be released in 2020.