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Healthy, easy snacks that kids will love

(CNN)If you are like many parents I know, snacking has become a predictable daily ritual.

The opportunity presents itself at after-school pickups, group playdates, before and after sports or homework, and when there's simply no other activity to engage in at the moment.
Children in the United States snack about three times per day, with more than a quarter of a child's daily calories coming from snacks, according to a recent study.
    What your kids choose to snack on is important, and it can make or break a morning, afternoon or evening. A healthy snack will fuel a child's mind and body, and fill in important nutrient gaps such as calcium and fiber. Snacks devoid of nutrition and loaded with sugars can lead to fatigue, cravings, weight gain and tooth decay.
      As a parent and nutritionist, I am constantly searching for new ways to satisfy my kids' appetites with nutrient-rich nibbles. Below is a list I've compiled of easy, nutritious, kid-friendly snack ideas. They include a combination of assembled foods and recipes.
        I recommend making them with your children. It's not only a fun activity to do together. It's also a simple way to get your kids inter