Web coding bundle
Web coding bundle
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With so many programming languages out there, it can be hard to know where to start. And once you decide to, then you have to find a way to learn.

The Ultimate Web Coding for Everyone Bundle provides crash courses on many of the most popular programming languages around. Each course sets its sights on beginners, aiming to help you build your knowledge from the ground up. As such, you won’t need much previous knowledge going into these courses. By giving you foundational tools for a number of languages, this bundle can help you jump-start your learning and determine which languages are best for you. Not only that, but the bundle is yours for life once you buy it. Learn from wherever you are, at whatever speed works best for you, as long as you have a device capable of streaming.

The net cast by this $29 8-course bundle is wide. In 15 hours of lessons, it covers Python, Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, Bootstrap CSS and Node.js. Not all of these are programming languages, but each one is useful. Some, such as JavaScript and HTML, are likely familiar names. The former is essential to the internet, standing as one of the most popular web development tools out there. It’s also not difficult to learn either, a facet that this bundle takes advantage of. The latter is another essential website-building tool. Like JavaScript, it isn’t hard to get started, and its associated course pairs it up with Bootstrap CSS so you can start building your own sites. Then there are data-oriented courses that take advantage of the JavaScript library called Node.js. With it, you can start using databases on MySQL to your advantage for things like adding and sorting data as well as reporting on it.

As we implied above, JavaScript is a great language to start out on. JavaScript Programming for Everyone should give you the tools you need to dive into the language. The lessons start you out at the absolute beginning, getting more advanced along the way. Using a tool called Sublime Text Editor, you can immediately begin writing and running your own JavaScript codes. Plus, this course should help you understand the math and logic behind the code, not just copy it. By the end, you’ll have your knowledge tested by building your own math flashcard web app.

CSS Bootstrap 4 for Everyone is another lesson that takes you through this free, open-source CSS framework. This program is front-end oriented, meaning it’s all about taking web coding and turning it into a meaningful, attractive interface that users will see. Importantly, it’s also about streamlining this process. Sometimes Bootstrap makes it as easy as dragging and dropping elements into place. This course covers the ins and outs of this from a beginner’s perspective, and whether you’re a developer or just doing it for fun, it shouldn’t take long to get to know the program.

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