Data analytics certification bundle
Data analytics certification bundle
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Data is vital for any type of business. But if you can’t analyze it and draw conclusions, that data isn’t very useful — and, for this purpose, neither are you.

The Data Analytics Expert Certification Bundle seeks to solve this problem. Through a series of courses, you can learn how to effectively analyze and visualize data. This bundle takes advantage of several popular programs to do so, including good ol’ Microsoft Excel, which is great for storing and interpreting data. There is also a course focused specifically on learning data analytics principles. And fortunately, you won’t feel pressured to complete these courses on a deadline. Once you buy this bundle, it’s yours for life. You can access them any time of the day from any device capable of streaming.

In addition to Excel, this $49 5-course bundle covers Tableau, MongoDB and Python. Tableau is an excellent tool for interpreting and visualizing data. Its related course should give you the skills to graph and display data in an understandable way. With these skills, you can help your business make future decisions based off of your reports. The lessons on MongoDB can help you master the creation of environments and documents in which you can create models and manipulate data to extract useful information. And then there’s Python and its unique data science capabilities. All together, there are more than 40 hours of lessons geared toward improving your data analytics know-how.

The first course in this bundle is the aptly named Introduction to Data Analytics Training Course. Within, you can improve your ability to problem solve within databases, as well as interpret them. This is achieved through real-world examples with an emphasis on business applications. You’ll find lessons on the usefulness and creation of different graphs and charts, as well as tools often used to visualize data. It’s vital, the course asserts, to have this skill so you can assist your business with key insights. You can also learn how to see what’s around the bend in the data analytics world so you stay ahead of the curve.

Business Analytics Certification Training with Excel is a great course for delving into data visualization and analysis. Within, you can learn how to use Excel’s array of functions and tools for analytics. You’ll also be introduced to Power BI, another tool by Microsoft designed for the displaying and interpreting of data. Both of these programs are straightforward, and the lessons in this course should help you learn their tools. You’ll also be exposed to widely used statistical models like ANOVA.

With skills in data analytics and visualization, you can make yourself a more attractive candidate for businesses. The Data Analytics Expert Certification Bundle can provide you with these skills, and knowledge of the most useful programs to boot.

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