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When it comes to traveling, the goal is to find gear that can withstand the journey: luggage that will survive even the roughest of airport baggage handlers, totes that are malleable enough to fit into an overhead bin, and carry-with-you-pieces that can wrangle all your stuff. And until recently, durability was really the only requirement.

That is, until Baboon to the Moon arrived in 2018 with its machete-proof, zombie-apocalypse-ready travel gear that is also insanely cute. Marrying form and function in the most fun way possible, Baboon’s Go Collection comprises duffels, backpacks, luggage and more and has garnered a cult-like following among Gen Z-ers and millennials. Why? Well, first of all, as we said, it’s really cute. The gear is available in bright colors like a sweet light pink, neon orange and royal blue and often features zany limited edition prints that quickly sell out. For example, the brand’s latest custom print, “Large Dog Dreams Go-Bag in Mint,” was out of stock within an hour of launching, making it the brand’s fastest product sellout to date.

Adorable patterns aside, the gear has earned a reputation for being incredibly high-performance, and for sanity-saving design details like detachable straps, waterproof material, padded laptop sleeves, lockable zippers and pockets galore, even on something as simple as a fanny pack.

Lucky for us, the Go Collection is expanding. Baboon announced on Thursday the release of three brand-new products — a bigger Go-Backpack and Go-Tote in new colors, as well as a tech-corralling Go-Kit — to its lineup. Crafted from the same indestructible nylon material that Baboon fans swear by, these new items are equally up to snuff. How do we know? We tested the gear out ourselves, and can confirm that whether you’re attempting to summit Everest or flying to an industry conference in Orlando, these pieces travel beautifully, and you’ll look a whole lot cooler for carrying them, too.

Check out the newbies (and why you’re going to love them) below.

Go-Tote Mega, 39L ($139;

Similar to Baboon’s smaller, 17-liter tote, this mega-sized version has an exciting new component: It closes completely now, thanks to a big ol’ zipper, making it perfect for traveling by air or sea (it is, after all, completely waterproof). Launching in two new colors (black and crocodile green), the tote features six outer pockets that can wrangle everything from books to water bottles, while the reinforced carry handles and additional “haul handles” on both ends of the bag make this piece one of the hardiest in the brand’s lineup.

“The Mega was designed to be the next generation L.L.Bean Tote,” Baboon to the Moon co-founder and CEO Andy Person says. “The Mega was made to be beaten and used and to stand out in a crowd with [our] signature color palette that certainly will get you in the mood for adventure.”


Go-Backpack, 24L ($139;

Though it’s only slightly larger than the brand’s classic 22-liter backpack, this version has some key upgrades. Chief among them: more pockets! Bearing six in total (the smaller option has only three), the 24-liter backpack also has three grab handles, a luggage pass-through strap and a side water bottle holder.

Extra-structured, the pack’s back is actually stiff and padded, preventing a laptop or other items from digging into your back while you’re wearing it. More to love: the padded straps, the mesh interior pocket and the fact that the pack is super lightweight. According to Person, “The Go-Backpack is the most versatile of [our] products to date.”


Go-Kit, 3L ($59;

When you’re traveling with a bunch of tech items (iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods, Kindle and more!) that means you’re traveling with a bunch of charging cords. Thankfully, your organizational nightmare is about to be whipped into shape with the Go-Kit.

Designed for “people who are organized and/or those who are aspiring to be organized people,” according to Person, the triple-layer compartment features a mesh pocket, a closed interior pocket, one exterior zip pocket and two stretchy bands that are going to keep all your must-have things nice and tidy. Fear not, there’s room for gum, lip balm, a passport and much more in there, too.

Note: The prices above reflect the listed retailer’s prices at the time of publication.