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It seems like shoes are getting more and more specific these days, doesn’t it? Every activity in your routine has its own shoe. You’ve got your work shoes, your CrossFit shoes, your running shoes, your shoes for Wednesday badminton, shoes for the country, shoes for the city, shoes for Tuesdays. (OK, maybe not that last one, but you get the point.)

And while shoe shopping for various occasions is always enjoyable, we’d be lying if we didn’t admit there are times we just want a shoe that can do it all. A lifestyle shoe as versatile as our daily lives are varied. A lace it and forget it. Enter: the Ultraboost 20 from adidas.

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Launched in 2015, the Ultraboost line quickly established itself as one of the most popular styles in the brand’s footwear arsenal — and for good reason. Built on an impressive running shoe base, the Ultraboost’s key differentiator is its versatility as an ultra-comfortable lifestyle sneaker. We love a world in which it’s possible to run to work, spend all day at the office, then catch happy hour afterward — all without changing shoes or sacrificing comfort.

The boost in Ultraboost comes from a midsole built from thermoplastic polyurethane particles that are expanded to form closed cells around tiny pockets of air. Not only does it feel like walking on tiny, precision-engineered clouds, but the high-tech design also captures the energy in every stride and returns it at toe-off to propel wearers forward.

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For the Ultraboost 20, that attention to detail extends to the new Primeknit upper, which is built with Tailored Fibre Placement tech that lays down fibers to the millimeter for calibrated support and a flexible fit. It’s like having a cozy foot-hugging sock built right into the shoe, with stitched-in areas for reinforcement and comfort.

The upshot is a shoe that makes for a more responsive and comfortable experience, whether you’re running or jogging.

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We don’t know about you, but anything that returns energy to us as we go about our busy days sounds amazing. And with 20% more boost than previous iterations, the Ultraboost 20 truly puts a whole lot more bounce in your step.

For added comfort, the Ultraboost 20 was designed to cope with a wide range of weather — wind, snow, sun, rain, you name it — to meet the challenges of an always-on, all-weather lifestyle; meanwhile, the Stretchweb outsole and Continental rubber provide maximum traction on all surfaces.

The Ultraboost 20 has won over fans — the shoe has a 4.7/5 rating from 699 reviews on the adidas site — and with plenty of colors and styles to choose from, we think you’ll be a fan, too.