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Whether you need a microSD card for your new Galaxy S20 or are looking to upgrade to a mesh Wi-Fi networking setup at home, Amazon’s Gold Box has you covered. The mega retailer is discounting a variety of home networking and storage products for one day only or until sold out.


Netgear’s CM700 cable modem will work for all cable internet providers — including Comcast, Spectrum and Fox — for speeds up to 500 Mbps. Pick one up for $71.99 and save money by avoiding an equipment rental fee from your internet service provider.

The Linksys Velop mesh router includes three different access points that work together to increase the range and bandwidth of your home network. Normally, the Velop three-pack is priced at $499.97, but today it’s marked down to $279.99 — that’s even less than the starting price of Nest Wi-Fi.

If you’re looking for a range extender, the Linksys AC1900 Gigabit range extender is now half off. This compact device looks more like a smart plug than a Wi-Fi extender. Simply plug it into a wall outlet, and get a better Wi-Fi signal in a back room or home office without upgrading your entire networking setup.

Here’s the complete list of networking deals you can find in the Gold Box now:

  • Netgear Cable Modem CM700 ($71.99, originally $109.99;
  • Linksys Velop Mesh Router ($279.99, originally $499.97;
  • Linksys Gigabit Range Extender ($65.59, originally $129.99;
  • Linksys Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router ($99, originally $126.99;
  • TP-Link Wi-Fi Range Extender ($31.99, originally $39.99;
  • Netgear Orbi Tri-Band Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System ($186.99, originally $236.32;
  • Netgear 4-Stream Wi-Fi 6 Router ($99.99, originally $149.99;
  • Linksys Max-Stream Wi-Fi USB Adapter ($21.99, originally $39.99;

Extra storage

Whether it’s for a Nintendo Switch or one of Samsung’s new Galaxy S20 phones, there’s no such thing as too much storage. Right now, Amazon is marking down a 512GB HP Class 10 microSD card to $69.99.

If you’re in need of a regular SD card for extra computer storage or for your digital camera, the 128GB Lexar 2000X SD card is down to $107.09. Amazon is also offering up a 64GB Lexar USB flash drive with a built-in fingerprint reader to protect your files for just $23.79.

  • HP 512GB mx330 microSD card ($69.99, originally $89.99;
  • Lexar Professional 2000X 128GB SD card ($107.99, originally $155;
  • Lexar 64GB Jumpdrive Fingerprint 3.0 Flash Drive ($23.79, originally $27.99;

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Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.