A small private jet skidded down a runway in Daytona Beach with no landing gear. No one was hurt

Emergency responders sprayed white foam to suppress a fire after Thursday's belly landing.

(CNN)A small private plane slid on its belly down the main runway at the Daytona Beach Airport on Thursday, showering sparks and causing a fire.

No one was injured, officials at the airport said.
Video posted to Facebook by Yelvington Jet Aviation shows the plane, a Cessna 510, sliding across the asphalt with no landing gear or nose gear in sight. After the landing, black smoke can be seen coming from the plane.
      A photo on the airport's Twitter feed shows the stopped plane with fire-fighting foam around it. There is a liquid on the runway, possibly airplane fuel.
        The small private aircraft made the landing around 12:25 p.m. ET, airport officials said. According to the flight tracking website FlightAware.com the plane had arrived in Daytona Beach on Thursday after a flight from Page Field in Fort Myers.
          When it took off just before noon in Daytona Beach, it never got far from the airport. A graphic on FlightAware that maps the reported position of the plane shows it came back over the runway twice and landed after circling a third time.
            Federal Aviation Administration records online show the owners received a new certificate for the plane in November. The jet was built in 2007, according to the FAA website.
            Some flights to the airport were diverted. One landed in West Palm Beach and another returned to Charlotte, North Carolina.