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One of the hardest parts of working out and training consistently is the sore muscles that last for days afterward.

Thankfully, there are now a ton of gadgets that can help with immediate pain relief after our toughest workouts. One example that’s becoming more popular by the day is the massage gun. Massage guns are portable, handheld option devices that utilize percussive massage therapy, a method of pressing into specific muscles, to deliver pain relief and fast recovery. Oftentimes, these devices can cost nearly $400, but luckily for you the Evertone Prosage Thermo: Percussion Massager with Warm-Up Technology is available for 25% off at just $149.99.

While there’s been ample clinical research on how massages can help prevent or treat injuries, for many people, it’s not realistic to get a massage often, especially if you work out daily. So the massage gun provides a quick and easy solution that doesn’t break the bank.

Masseuses often use percussive therapy during deep tissue massages, but with a massage gun you can quickly deliver that same kind of targeted relief at any time, even at home. That’s why professional athletes, trainers and workout junkies alike have turned to massage guns to help achieve the best workout recovery yet.

Unlike many other massage guns on the market, the Evertone Prosage Thermo has heating and cooling attachments to take your recovery to the next level. It uses heating technology called Red Theralite, which combines with percussion to release tension, activate muscles and improve recovery. The Evertone also comes with a cold therapy attachment that you can simply throw in the fridge for a cooling massage experience.

It comes with five massage heads — a heat therapy head, acupressure head, acupressure finger head, deep massage ball head and a cold therapy head — that are interchangeable to suit your needs. Just twist the head off the Prosage Thermo massager, and swap in the head of your choice.

When I tried the massager, I was sore from an intense boxing class and wanted to target the super small muscles around my neck and shoulders, so I went for the acupressure finger head attachment. I felt immediate relief that allowed me to relax and feel comfortable again just before bed.

If you’re new to the world of massage guns, you might worry about using too much pressure, but there’s no need to fret. This massage gun works up to 3,200 percussions per minute at three different intensity levels: gentle, medium, or intense. Just choose the intensity and massage head that feels the best for you. (I chose the medium intensity and loved it.) The massage gun is rechargeable too, so just remember to charge it before your next big workout.

If you’re ready to experience the ultimate portable massage, release muscle tension, and speed up recovery, now’s the time to get this massage gun at 25% off.

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