Pillowcases full of snakes keep getting dumped outside a UK fire station

A total of 29 snakes have been found bundled up in pillowcases outside a fire station so far.

(CNN)Another 16 snakes have been dumped in pillowcases outside a UK fire station where 13 pythons were discovered just last week.

The latest haul of 15 corn snakes and a carpet python was found on Saturday in a bin behind Farringdon Fire Station in Sunderland, northeast England, according to a statement from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA).
The 16 snakes were taken to the vets and found to be in fairly good condition despite their ordeal, according to RSPCA inspector Heidi Cleaver.
    This is the second time snakes have been found outside the fire station in the space of a few days.
    The inspector said she "couldn't believe" more snakes had been found in the "exact same spot" as the 13 royal pythons who were discovered on Thursday. One of the snakes found last week has since died.
      "We were in the midst of Storm Dennis at the weekend when these snakes, who need heat and light in order to survive, were left outside in the cold with just a pillowcase to contain them," said Cleaver.
        "It would have been very stressful for the snakes to be in such close proximity to each other as well."
        The UK was battered by heavy rain and strong winds during Storm Dennis over the weekend, leading to severe flooding in some areas.
          The RSPCA has appealed for information about the mystery surrounding the snakes being repeatedly dumped in the area.
          Snakes can't maintain their body temperature by themselves and rely on their environment to do so.
          If the reptiles get too cold they may be unable to feed or move as normal, and their immune system may cease to function properly, leaving them vulnerable to disease.
            Snakes also made headlines in the US last week after a park in the Florida was closed to the public due to a water snake orgy.
            Officials decided to close the park after a large group of Florida water snakes came together for mating season.