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Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip almost immediately sold out after it went on sale Friday morning.

You can still order the foldable Z Flip from Best Buy or wireless carriers, but shipping dates are being pushed back. Samsung’s Z Flip website says it will have more stock available on February 21, the same day preorders for the Galaxy S20 open.

If you are one of the lucky few to place an order and have a Galaxy Z Flip in your hands, or have one on the way, it’s a good idea to pick up a case to protect your nearly $1,400 investment.

We’ve spent time searching for cases, but it looks like you don’t have many options. We could only find three cases and some protective skins on the Z Flip’s launch day.

Keep in mind, Samsung includes a basic case with each Z Flip, but it doesn’t have personality — something the phone with a foldable display surely deserves.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Leather Cover


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip leather in black ($79.99; samsung.com)

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip leather in silver ($79.99; samsung.com)

In addition to the plastic case included with the Z Flip, Samsung has an official leather case. The $79.99 case comes in silver or black and is made of genuine leather. Like most cases for the Z Flip, Samsung’s leather case has two pieces, one for the top and one for the bottom. There’s a soft lining on the inside of the case that should help protect the phone from scratches.

OtterBox Symmetry Series Flex Case


Galaxy Z Flip Symmetry Series Flex Case ($79.95; otterbox.com)

OtterBox cases are known for being rugged and offer some of the best protection. With the Symmetry Series Flex case, you get drop protection on a phone that surely won’t survive many drops, without adding a lot of bulk to the phone. Unfortunately, it looks like the cases are out of stock. You can, however, sign up to receive an alert when they become available.

Case-Mate Tough Case


Case-Mate Tough Case for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip ($40; att.com)

The Case-Mate Tough case for the Z Flip is one piece, with a foldable design that offers protection for the hinge. According to the listing, the case will provide 10-foot drop protection and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Surely, more cases and Z Flip accessories will show up as more users receive their orders. But for now at least, Z Flip users have limited options for protecting their investments.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.