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Editors Note: As we note below, it’s still unknown whether or not UV Sanitizers and UV-C can kill Covid-19, and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) recently released an advisory confirming this. They also note that direct contact with UV-C or looking into the light can cause injury. The UV Sanitizers below feature lids with a locking mechanism or the light is only activated when the cover is confirmed to be closed. You can see the full advisory from the FDA here and further analysis from CNN Business here.

When you think of a Valentine’s Day gift, you might imagine chocolates or flowers, followed by a nice card. But perhaps even more romantic is the gift of sanitary technology!

Right now, PhoneSoap is having a Buy One Get One 50% off sale on their phone and home sanitizers. Just use the code SWEET50 at checkout. They are also providing site-wide free shipping for the US.

If you haven’t heard of PhoneSoap, it specializes in devices that use UV-C light to eliminate bacteria and germs from phones and household objects. Pretty much anything you can fit inside of them can be disinfected in five to ten minutes, depending on the device.

And if you’re doubting the necessity of such a device, think again. Smartphones, for example, can harbor as much as 18 times more bacteria than a public restroom, so it pays to disinfect them. UV-C light has been shown to be more effective than alcohol wipes at eliminating germs. And when is the last time you sanitized your TV remote? Exactly.

The PhoneSoap Pro, for example, is a relatively small sanitizing capsule that can fit any smartphone, even with the bulkiest case. It’s extremely easy to use– all you have to do is plug it in, pop your phone inside and close the lid. Once the cycle is finished, the indicator light on top will stop glowing. Of course, you can remove your phone anytime before that, or run the device in manual mode for a custom sanitation duration. You can even clean objects like keys and earbuds, or whatever you can fit in the sanitizing bay. Take a look here for an in-depth review and some information on UV-C sanitation.

Then there’s the HomeSoap, another one of their premier sanitizers. However, this one takes things a step further with a much larger sanitizing bay. Within, you can fit tablets, headphones, landline phones, baby bottles and so much more. It works just like the PhoneSoap Pro. Just close the door and let the UV-C lights work their magic. And after its 10-minute sanitation cycle, you can rest assured that your items are coming out sanitary on the microscopic level. We’ve also reviewed this one if you’re interested in more details.

This Valentine’s Day, you and a loved one can share the peace of mind that comes along with a pair of PhoneSoap products. You can find a list of their products and bundles here. Just remember to use the code SWEET50 for that BOGO 50% off deal.

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